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Beware website errors in booking summaries and rude customer service that don't sort the issues out

I booked the wrong tickets due to the website displaying INCORRECT BOOKING SUMMARY DETAILS BEFORE I PURCHASED! When checking my tickets AFTER I had paid for them, the booking summary stated it was same day return. The initial booking summary before I paid for them did not say this.

Called the contact center to explain the situation, long story short, TREATED WITH CONTEMPT FROM ASTONISHINGLY RUDE MANAGER and told a refund would still cost £10, despite my wrong booking being their fault due to errors on the website. Yet another company contributing to RIP OFF BRITAIN! The manager, Sean, should be ashamed of him self.

In the end I was able to use VIRGIN TRAINS WEBSITE, who also DO NOT CHARGE BOOKING FEES and display booking summary information accurately before you pay.

I have emailed RedSpottedHanky a complaint so I will update in due course.

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T Mobile

Dishonest and terrible customer service

When leaving T-mobile I was told I didn't need to give notice to leave. They then charged me a Early termination fee. This was before I had even left T-mobile! I only spoke to some one trying to retain me and told them I wanted to leave!

I'm now with Tesco who have much cheaper packages and only English call centres.

T-mobile is now known as EE so avoid them and get a better deal with tesco, talk talk or 3.

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