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Great product, service and website

I designed some business cards on the website, and it was really easy to do and there were loads of helpful hints and plenty of options. It took about 30 minutes to design them, about 3 minutes to pay for them and then they came about 5 days before the estimated delivery date.

Exemplary company! Would recommend in a flash.


91 days of being mugged off.

I am reposting this review as the issue has only just been resolved (having deleted my old review), and I think people need to hear how useless this company is.

I placed an order for some bulk products for Christmas, mints and mustard. The mints arrived on time (although it's NOT a rapid delivery) but the mustard never arrived. Everytime I have tried to call them it goes through to an annoying answer machine, you can't get an answer from a human even if you e-mail. I pestered them via their website for the mustard as this was supposed to be a Christmas present, and then I got a generic e-mail saying:
"Dear Customer,
Thank you for your enquiry,
We are sorry that you have been experiencing issues with your order, however I am pleased to confirm that your item has been now dispatched and it is due to be delivered by end this week.
The tracking number is not available yet, once it has been released we more than happy to provide you with it.
We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience."

LIES! This never happened. What's the point in lying to me?! Did you think I wouldn't notice when the order never arrived? You must think I'm a complete moron.

I still don't have my order, and have requested a refund. I will probably have to go over to their offices and get it myself if I want a refund.

This is without a doubt, the shoddiest outfit I have ever bought from. They are happy to take your money, but don't expect anything except lies and generic e-mails in return.

Pathetic WAstE+ of space

To complain about WAE+ service, contact Birmingham Trading Standards

Here is an update 18th Jan: after a long time waiting, I eventually got through to the 'rapid response' customer services. They agreed to give me a refund. Then a week or so later, NO REFUND. I called them up again, and they said that I only called them on 15th, and that told me that they would be getting me my refund. This, again, is a total lie because I was in the middle of nowhere, with no reception and no access to e-mails. Again, why bother lying to me!? This company really is the WORST I have ever dealt with. It is completely frustrating to be treated this way. WHERE'S MY MONEY WAE+!!??

Update from 30th Jan: I just called, and was on hold for a long time. Then the woman on the phone was entirely useless and wasted my time by asking me through all of my details (really is it necessary for me to go through order number, addresses, phone numbers, names, waist size etc?). I suppose they make more money that way. Well while they're making loads of money by keeping us all on hold, they're not giving any of it back. Not a penny. But luckily I was reassured by the woman that 'it's on its way'. Where have I heard that before? Total rubbish, I'm livid. WHERE'S MY REFUND WAE+!?!?!?!?!?!?!?????????!!?!?!?!?!

Update from 4th Feb 2013: 91 days since I placed my order, the issue was finally resolved. Here's the kicker, not by WAE+ who continued to sit on my money, but by me and my bank. I called my bank and explained the situation and they gave me a full refund in a matter of 2 days. I would recommend to you all, not to wait longer than 30 days of placing your order and just call you bank immediately to get a refund. There's no way WAE+ made any effort to resolve the situation. All they did was take my money and then lie to me on several occasions.

I cannot emphasize this enough, this is not a reputable company. This is a genuine review as a result of a genuinely annoying experience. Spread the word.

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