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Worst company I have EVER dealt with AVOID at all costs

I was suckered in to signing up for a .com with Netsol with a cheap introductory deal and over the years the prices are going up and up. Moving my domain from these incompetent idiots is the last thing I would think of doing due to my experience of their utter lack of technical ability.

My domain expired. I was not informed it was due for renewal. I logged on to the site and made a payment for 5 years via their website to get my domain back up and running. I am charged a "reinstatement fee" as a penalty for not being informed of the renewal. I am losing email and business at this point, so I have no choice. After making the payment I receive NO notification that the transaction was successful.

I call them. I am told that my online transaction failed and I HAVE to pay via credit card. No apologies. I get my card out and pay for another 5 years and again.. a reinstatement fee, my penalty for signing up with this people.

My domain is back up. The next day I look at my account and, you guessed it, they took 2 payments from my bank account.

I had to call them 7, I repeat, 7 times before I FINALLY get a refund for one of the payments. When I get my refund my domain goes down for a few hours in the middle of the night, I am alerted by my site monitor, then it is reinstated. When I call to ask what happened they deny all knowledge. Their DNS systems are substandard and prone to being down randomly, I have come to accept this.

The worst company I have EVER EVER dealt with. The cost me thousands of dollars in costs and lost revenue. Please don't make the same mistake as me and just go ANYWHERE else.


I have a lovely loft

I am typing this from my loft. I love it. Loftplan are high quality and comparitvely much cheaper than many other quote I have had.

Don't pay via quidco

Quite a realiable company, but sadly the ONLY company I have ever had to raise a claim to get a payment via quidco. A claim that they rejected incorrectly. In this sense I consider them at worst dishonest and at least shambolic, so I will no longer be using them. I would recommend if anyone wants get a cashback via Quidco they think twice about using this company.

ZiiP GameStore

Amazing service even on a Sunday night!

Ordered far cry 3, downloading and installed it and used the supplied code. Worked perfectly. What is amazing is that I ordered this on a SUNDAY NIGHT! And I still got a courtesy call from James to say that they would be getting me my code within 10 minutes. My new game store is Ziip. Highly recommended.


It's a scam

It is a scam, 2 of my friends + my father and me ordered from vistaprint and were caught out. They sign you up by default to a monthly subscription to a voucher program and take money from your account. The fact they will do this is buried in pages of small print which nobody reads (they rely on that). My dad is a pensioner and can't afford this kind of salami attack on his account. It took a lot of angry phone calls just to stop them stealing the money. Disgusting website. Vistaprint, smallprint more like.

A note on the amazing number of 5* reviews. These are either fake accounts (yes it is possible on this site despite the facebook only farce) or it is customers that have placed a cheap order for business cards and not yet noticed the monthly withdrawals.


08 January 2013

Reply from Vistaprint

Hi Pret, we're deeply sorry for any inconvenience. We inform you that Vistaprint Plus membership offers you good discount and a £10 voucher on monthly basis. As the system is fully automated you may unsubscribe from the membership at any time.


Facebook Only... Poor decision executives

What are you thinking, making it FACEBOOK ONLY to post reviews on your site. You are Leonardo DiCapro standing at the bow of the titanic. Read the analyst reports. What are you thinking? You can't seriously believe that making it facebook only adds any form of credibility or reliability to those signing up. As is WIDELY reported in the media, a large proportion of people who sign-up to facebook use fake accounts to hide their identity. Very very poor and short-sighted executive decision making. Bad move.
Yours sincerely,
Pret Endperson (real name, of course! Because I signed up with Facebook right?)
P.s. - Just in case you delete it:

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07 January 2013

Reply from Trustpilot


Thanks for your feedback.

You are right that not everyone is in favor of using Facebook. However, having validation of user profiles via Facebook drives Trustpilot in the right direction when it comes to:
- Ensuring that more reviews are written by real customers with real names.
- Less reviews are written anonymously, which improves the trustworthiness of the review portal.

We are looking into other options for social validation. How that will work and when it will be live is too early to tell.

Joakim Ditlev

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