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the worst company i have ever had the misfortune to deal with. AVOID AVOID AVOID

So after purchasing a wardrobe from this company around a day later whilst I was at work they rang home to inform my family that they no longer stock the product and they are unable to send one out, we were told they would call back to speak to me directly in order to resolve the situation, a few days later there is still no phone call. I went on my e-mails and there is a message asking me what I would like to do so I replied with a refund ASAP after receiving word by e-mail again that the refund will soon be processed I bought the same wardrobe from another company. I received an e-mail from that company to let me know the wardrobe had been dispatched (Thursday) on the Friday the wardrobe came. Monday worldstores phoned me to inform me that they have delivered their wardrobe, in my confusion I asked which company this was and that I had bought the wardrobe from another company this couldn't be their wardrobe they told me it was no longer being stocked. The lady on the phone told me she would contact me shortly after looking in to it, shortly after speaking to this lady a second wardrobe appeared by the same two delivery men, I explained to them that they had already sent us a wardrobe in which they replied just keep it here you'll have two then. A week later still no phone call no e-mail and a humungous wardrobe remaining in the middle of my living room I was furious with the pure lack of customer value or care, so I rang them myself, 30minutes later I finally got through to speak to someone, and I got a name, [name], nothing was being done I was in my overdraft and I had missed bills I needed to pay, due to expecting the money back in my account, the first time I have ever missed a payment, I was extremely angry and needed this to be resolved ASAP unfortunately because the original woman I spoke to never got back to me they were unaware that I had received the second wardrobe which wasted more time on both parts, finally [name] did actually get back to me soon after he said he would but I was told I couldn't have my refund until they had arranged the returns I explained that I had put their wardrobe up in which he responded "well it would need to be the wardrobe we sent you, packaged" I wanted to speak with the manager to explain how disgusted i am with the service and wanted them to understand that what may not be a significant amount of money to them has affected my financial situation dramatically and the repercussions are still presenting themselves nearly two months on! In the end I wasn't getting anywhere and they were not taking me seriously I got my mum to ring and she managed to arrange get the wardrobe picked up, this of course made me feel like a child and i was further annoyed that she managed to get a promise to speak to the manager which has still not happened. I think all in all it took more than 3weeks to get the money back in my account from purchasing the wardrobe. I am utterly disgusted and upset that these has caused me so many problems with not even so much as an apology. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

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08 January 2013

Reply from www.worldstores.co.uk

Dear Hannah Rachael Clay

Thank you for your feedback, I am extremely sorry as the item was not delivered and you were put through this inconvenience.

Please allow me to investigate into your order and to contact you to resolve this matter for you.

I do apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Kind Regards

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