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Let me start by saying this is the first bad review I’ve ever had to make for any business ever which just shows how badly the service from Nigel O Hara truly was.
I bought a Welder K-24 on the 9th December 2012 and a week later id had no dispatch email, I rang up and was told it would be dispatched the next day, did it get dispatched the next day? No it did not. After another call I was told it was not even in stock and that it would be with me in another week’s time which again, DID NOT HAPPEN.
Now we are at Jan 3rd 2013 after a number of calls in which I was reassured but none of their words held up, at this stage I’ve made around 7-8 calls since ordering the watch and this time I was told Welder are not open till the 7th so there was no chance of any information until then but was assured I would get a call on the 7th before 12, which again DID NOT HAPPEN. After ringing up I was told I would get a call back within 5-10 minutes while he rang Welder which funnily enough, DID NOT HAPPEN I had to ring up an hour later to find out he had in fact gone for his lunch break. When he finally did ring back I was told it would be with me in another week’s time on the 14th which would be a total of 36 days after I ordered the watch.
Now my order has been cancelled I’ve been told it could be up to 28 days before I get a refund which to say I don’t even have my order is actually very ridiculous. I advise everyone who is thinking about ordering from Nigel O Hara to AVOID IT AT ALL COSTS,

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13 February 2013

Reply from Nigel O'Hara Diamond Jewellers

Dear Customer,

I am sorry that you have not been entirely satisfied with your shopping experience at NigelO'

Unfortunately, the model that you ordered was out of stock when your initial order was placed. However, it was on a 3-5 day despatch that is supplied via a rapid turnaround directly from the manufacturer in this particular instance.

However, the specific watch that you ordered was subsequently delayed without any prior notice from the manufacturer.

We worked tirelessly with our supplier to try and ensure that we could fulfil your order and we emailed you with an update regarding the extended lead time.

It was later explained that the watch would be delayed for some weeks and you were offered both an alternative watch and a full refund.

We fulfil over ninety percent of our orders within two days and have extremely high levels of customer satisfaction across the internet on many selling platforms including Amazon, EBay and our own website.

Despite this we do certainly understand why you have been dissatisfied with the extended delay with your order. We have since undertaken much work to eradicate this occurring again.

Your review has been used to help further improve our customer services and address any areas were we can enhance the overall customer experience.

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