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Cash 4 Phones


I sent my Blackberry Bold off last week special delivery (the envevelope they send is a mere plastic bag!!) wrapped securely in 3 layers of bubble wrap. The following day i recieved an email (out of their office hours of course) telling me that the original offer of £78 had been reduced to £36.06 due to excessive wear and tear. My phone, only a year old ,was immaculate and without any damage. Let's remember that Mazuma, Envirofone and Fonebank all state that a phone is classed as "working" as long as it switches on and off. I immediately rejected the offer and get told that to have it returned I must pay £8.95. I have since read on another forum that this is for secial delivery.....funny that I only paid £6.30 for the very same service!!!
Upon reading all the other complaints I now realise that this is what they do to every customer. They either get you to accept a rubbish quote because you can't be bothered to argue, or you have to pay to have your phone returned to you. I did pay the fee as I just want back what is mine. I then sent a very strongly worded email stating that I wasn't interested in any higher offers (as I understand payment takes ages to come through) and I expected my phone to be in the post today, to be received tomorrow or wednesday. Also in the pristine condition that they had received it in. Otherwise I would be contacting the police as this is classed as "Theft by Deception". On checking my account it says that the phone has been sent, but we will have to wait and see. I urge as many people as possible to report these people to Trading Standards and Watchdog. They don't even answer the phone when you do try to contact them!! I hope that my threat to involve the police will be enough to get my property back, to sell to a reputable firm like Mazuma. Good luck to all those other people who have fallen victim to these scammers!!!

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