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Diet Chef

4lbs down in 5 days! And I've eaten curry and chips!

Ok so I was as sceptical as anyone when I saw the TV ad but I felt really down, I'd put on a couple of stone in "comfort" weight after settling down with my long term boyfriend and I am simply not as attractive as I used to be. We had a huge row recently and he told me this himself. I was mortified but it was true. The scales didn't lie, I was 10st when we got together and I was now nearly 12st. In under 2 years. I'm not very tall so every lb shows and it's all on my stomach.

So £99 for the first hamper. I couldn't really argue with that. Our Grocery bill is more than £50/week for 2 of us. Plus the expense of eating out and takeaways. I could lose weight and save money in January.

The boyf is left to fend for himself which is a good penance for being mean to me. I take breakfast, lunch and snacks to work with me and in the evening I try and match whatever he's having to a similar Diet Chef meal so it feels like we're still eating the same thing (if that makes sense). He had sausage, mash and gravy the other day. I tried the diet chef sausages in gravy. Sausages in a pouch really didn't do it for me but, I stand corrected they were actually delicious. We both had our sausages with Tesco's Carrot, Swede and Potato Mash (200kcal/portion) Meaning that my dinner was 500 kcal in total. I'd had a 200kcal breakfast and 300 kcal during the day including lunch (delicious sweet potato and coconut soup) and toast with butter.

Sausages, mash, toast and real butter (none of this low calorie stuff) and I was still under my 1200 calorie target. This diet is insanely easy to achieve!!

I am trying to do at least 20 minutes a day on my exercise bike too which is the hardest bit of the diet because of time.

A couple of the meals weren't amazing, mushroom soup had chewy/hard mushrooms in it and the beef rogan josh looked a bit catfood-like. The beef is braised or slow-cooked so it's melt in the mouth but lacks some texture. I bulked it out with some carrots and green beans which helped but, it was very mild. Personally I'd have liked a bit more spice but I had it with oven chips. (The boyf was having chips with his evening meal). Curry and chips for dinner - less than 400 kcal!

I'm adding 20mins/day on my exercise bike which is just over 130kcal so I'm hoping that will counteract any slip-ups I may have or, stop me plateauing once my body gets used to the diet chef plan.

If the diet continues to work at this momentum for another couple of weeks I'll be truly delighted. Fingers crossed!

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