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Simply Electronics Ltd.

Buy elsewhere, they do not fullfill order in timescale, fob off, and mess up refunds!

I thought the company were UK based, and ordered from them, even though a company in Hong Kong was £300 cheaper. I ordered nearly £2000 worth of goods on 03/12/2012 and the money was taken straight away. I received order conformation 2 days later. As christmas approached the order was showing as awaiting courier for 4 days, so I telephoned. The telephone waiting time was nearly an hour. I did this several times. On other occasions it stated the waiting time was less than one minute but I ended up waiting for over 20 minutes. Emailing was quicker. When I got through on the phone I was told by a female, that due to christmas they were very busy and that my order was picked, but they were having problems with the current courrier so were trying to get a different courier and I should receive the order in 4 days. Four days later, the items had not arrived, so I phoned again. A male told me that they were busy as it was christmas and would not tell me when I would receive the order. He told me the order had not been picked yet. I told him what the female had told me and what the order status was and he appologised for givimg me mis-information. Eventuallly he told me I would get the order at the end of the week, a few days after christmas. The order never arrived so the week after Christmas I sent an email and was asked to continue to be patient, yet I was given no time scale despite asking. I telephoned again and yet again a long wait on the phone and by the end of it no closer to finding out when the goods would arrive as I needed them before 09/01/2013. Despite saying this, they still could not give me a delivery date! I felt I was being conned due to the constant fobbing off and being given no date for the order so checked reviews on the company and saw several reviews that the company didnt deliver on time and about faulty orders. It is worth mentioning now that as the items can be "grey imports" (i.e not UK spec, the warranty is different so buyer beware!) My sister then told me that knew someone who ordered from the company and they had the same problems as me with goods not being delivered and when the arrived they were damaged and grey imports. I cancelled my order and a few days later got a partial refund, not full refund (£741 short) Needless to say I was not amused and had to suffer the telephone system telling me I had less than a minute and it ended up being 15 minutes! The male on the phone was helpful, however when they say, "Oh I know who did this, it was Mike, he's so gonna get it. He's on a break now and when he comes back it's my break, so I will email him to sort this out......" (various other things said) I don't need to know it I just wanted my money back, not listening to someone telling me they were going on a break and passing the matter to someone else made me feel an even less valued customer.
So to sumarise they took my money kept it in the bank, made interest on MY money, never delivered the goods in the timescale and kept fobbing me off, and when I cancelled the order, they couldn't even sort out the refund properly. This comapny is a disgrace. I ordered from [external link removed] and explained the problems I had suffered and was informed they regularly get disgruntled simply electronics customers order from them. [external link removed] are UK based (so full UK warranty) simarly priced, polite and professional and keep you updated on your order. Due to this I spent an extra £200 on other items and recive the goods in the next day or two.

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11 January 2013

Reply from Simply Electronics Ltd.

Dear Phil,

Apologies for the your experiences with our services, and will be taking your review as an example on how we can improve the customer service experience.


Vanessa Carroll.

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