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Talk Talk see you in court

I was talk talk customer for ages , and the only one reason I've hadn't switched over to another provider - because they just don't let customer go .. Recently I've relocated (7 months ago) and just before I thought I will not need the internet at home - as I hardly ever home due to lots of work all around the country, so I've phoned them and asked to end my contract with them for good... I've been cut off several times, then tried again, spend the day on my home phone and half a day on my mobile, to speak to the team and asked them to stop my account running, agreed to pay all the charges - final bill etc... moved, after few months had a letter from debt collectors asking for further £100 as my account is STILL RUNNING!!! , send all the evidence about the cancellation, send several emails /letters to talk talk pleading to stop my account from running as I no longer live at the previous address - credit company send me a letter reassuring - they're returned the case to talk talk - there were no further investigation from they're side - again several days on a phone and hung ups from the talk talk service - few months later - letter from Another debt collector's service - asking for £200 and saying that my service is still up and running (7 months later) I'm again going the same circle - but now through the ombudsman , and willing to get Talk Talk to court for wasting my time, for disrespect and unfair charges, god knows what should be happen to the account when you have no access to the old home and they still assuring you - yes - your account is still alive and you as a customer just don't know where to end it and how to stop it from running .... Any help at all for consumers at this point or just for signing the contract with Talk Talk once we will owe them for life ???

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