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Out of Stock

My first purchase has not gone well. I placed an order in high hopes, but although my payment was taken I had no indication of when I could expect my goods,so I emailed them, it appears the product is out of stock until the end of January 2013, yet their website did not say they were out of stock, else I would not have placed the order.

It is disappointing:
a) that their website did not display an Out of Stock notice;
b) I had to email them chasing delivery, only to have an email back informing me of no stock and there would not be any until the end of January 2013, it would have been nice to of had a email from them.

They have offered me my money back, or keep it and dispatch at the end of the month.

It is very frustrating to place orders for stock that is non existent, especially as I have been having such trouble locating some, I finally find someone who has stock only to find they have not.

I have rang the manufactures who explained there is no problem, but I think they are being economical with the truth, as this is the yet another company who has let me down.

What's going on!?

Best regards.

08 January 2013

Reply from Petfleas

Dear Miss Howlett

Please accept our sincere apologies that you have experienced difficulties with the product you ordered.

We had not been updated by our suppliers that the product was out of stock, therefore had not changed the status on the website, I am very sorry that this gave you a false indication. We have now amended the website.

It is our policy to email all customers when a product is out of stock. We did not email you immediately during the Christmas break, as like yourself when we contacted the manufacturers of the product to place a query, we were told there was no problem with supply. We were therefore hopeful that our suppliers where simply out of stock due to a limited deliveries over Christmas. Unfortunately it was only confirmed from our suppliers at the beginning of this week that they would not be receiving the product back into stock until the end of January. This is very puzzling taking into consideration the information the manufacturers have provided to both yourself and us, I am terribly sorry that your poor cat that is suffering as a result.

As soon as the product is back in stock we will be sure to send it to you immediately.

Thank you for taking the time to place your feedback.

Kind Regards

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