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No Nonsense Ticketing Experience

I was pleased with the booking experience as I was able to pick my location and work out where it was in the arena. The tickets were sent promptly, which is always reassuring when booking online. The booking fees were (I felt) rather hefty. I prefer a price of what you see is what you get.

A simple map of the O2 on the ticket would be helpful, as you effectively walk almost a full circle to the entrance area. As a first time visitor I was confused by the temporary closing and got quite heated as I thought we had missed our slot- not understanding that they briefly close the entrance between games.

The main catch with the tickets is that a main player is billed for the day, but you don't know if they play in the afternoon or the evening. We missed seeing Roger Federer, as a result. We got there a bit late, so missed a lot of the doubles final, which was full of fast paced action.

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