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Cash 4 Phones

Avoid. If they give you rubbish counter offer give them a call!

Was quoted £143 for my iPhone 4 16GB, sent the phone off and was emailed back with a counter-offer of £50 as it had failed their 'testing' due to 'excessive scratching on screen' which was a lie.

If you wish to reject their pitiful offer, you then have to pay £8.95 to get the phone back!
If the same thing happens to you and they try to tell you your perfectly good phone is damaged, then I WILL ADVISE YOU TO GIVE THEM A CALL!

The lady who sorted the problem (which funnily enough she said she'd 'look into' before I'd even explained what it was, as if she already knew why I was calling) was very helpful (either genuinely or as a thin veil to this attempted con) and got back to me later that day with an offer of £137, which was only £6 less than the original quote. I accepted as I couldn't really be bothered with any more waiting around.

But as it happens I've had to wait around even longer for the money to go into my account, as I received an email a FULL WEEK after said phone call telling me it would be in my account in 3-5 days. In their email they state

"We endeavour to operate a prompt and efficient process and hope you are pleased with the way we have dealt with your order."

Prompt service my arse. Will not be using this company again.

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