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Park Cameras

Superb service and ultra fast delivery

Ordered Canon 70-300 L lens 4.00pm and it arrived first thing the next day. I opted to pay the £4.95 next day delivery charge just to be safe.

Lens arrived packaged perfectly.

So glad I decided to purchase from a bona fide UK Canon dealer rather than the Grey import Vat fiddlers who ply their trade on the internet.

Would recommend Park Cameras without hesitation.


Planes falling apart

Business class Heathrow to Bangkok. Flight delayed for maintenance by over an hour. BA refused to check bags through Bangkok to save us missing our connecting flight even though they could according to their computer. In sharp contrast to Eva Air who are happy to do this when we fly with them. Check in at terminal 3 utter chaos. Sent from pillar to post, the same check in dealing with lots of different flights.

The cabin layout is odd when compared to other airlines so staying together is essential. BA charge £60 per person per leg, £480 return for a family of 4 to ensure you sit together. On the BKK - LHR return we were separated. To be fair the ground staff at BKK pulled some strings and we were issued new seats just as we got to the gate.

The planes are absolutely falling apart. Trim panels are dented and falling off, flaps open everywhere. Only 2 working toilets on the 13 hour flight back - not nice!! The plane looked like it belonged in a scrap yard. I can only hope the mechanical bits are in better shape.

The most miserable flight attendant I have ever seen sitting at the top of the stairs into the upper deck of business class. She looked like she'd been out on the lash and it was 3am sitting on a pavement outside a night club. No interest at all in helping a well spoken young lad with a question about his entertainment system. To be fair the rest of the crew were fine, the captain positively chirpy. I would have sacked her on the spot.

Compared to the Asian airlines BA are in a different league (bad not good). The flat bed is better than Eva's angled seat and this flight was unusually the same price, hence our booking it but I wouldn't pay the usual premium required.

I pray it doesn't happen but I'm just waiting for disaster to strike with those falling apart planes.

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