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Courier Service that works around you

Not shackled to courier collections
Can drop parcels at 11pm to my local garage
Great website, quick and easy to use
Good archival info on the website
Paypal- quick payments, no need for cards
Good tracking
Good customer service

Could be looked at;
Weight ceiling needs to go over 10kg
The odd parcel arrives smashed/ very late

Bluepark eCommerce

The best e-commerce solution we found & we tried them all.

Really solid, comprehensive back-end. However as front-end designers we are also very satisfied with the level of creative control we get with a Bluepark solution. Before we chose Bluepark we took out trial accounts with half a dozen providers and played around. The Bluepark package very quickly proved itself superior to anything else out there as it gave us the creative flexibility, back-end stability, and real-time UK support at a price that we wanted to pay. The real-time real-person support and attention to detail is excellent and does make you feel like a valued client. From the e-commerce/ SEO perspective we have been thrilled with the SEO from the Bluepark end. As long as you do your bit with fresh relevant content, google seems to like Bluepark very much.
Clubmugs is our first foray into e-commerce. We have designed and created many sites on the U.S. based Squarespace platform (no e-commerce facility however) which sets the bar very high as their interface is so slick and intuitive. The Bluepark interface by comparison is admittedly a little more gritty, old-schoool; a bit more clunky to navigate and certainly not as pretty to look at. However, Squarespace is really only about clever window dressing, Bluepark is a hard-working, robust engine for running a business on and taking people's money. And if you are tech-savvy you can get right under the hood and the only limits on creative control or content strategy is as they say, your own imagination.
As with all e-commerce hosting solutions there is no free lunch. You will have to do a fair bit of leg-work your end depending on your skill-level to learn the interface and more importantly maximise the potential from the Bluepark tool-box.

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Margaret O'Hare (
Female, 1970
Belfast, United Kingdom


Fundraising ideas for sports clubs. Design-led promotional goods and giftware. Based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Background in visual communication and marketing.