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Information & Comparisons on Website excellent,service at the till quick & efficient - Prices as good as anyones.

I've just spent most of the day researching; comparing & then buying my first Satellite Navigation System. The best place I found after trawling the internet was,you guessed it ARGOS! The buying guide on their website was very,very informative & I was able to compare all their Sat Nav Systems which really helped me decide what system I should buy. After doing price comparisons on the internet I decided to, YES you've guessed it BUY from ARGOS. I jumped back on the Argos website selected a Binatone F430 4.3 Inch UK and ROI Sat Nav (£49.99) & a Hama Sat Nav Universal Accessory Kit (£19.99 as a package deal). Clicked on Reserve & was given a reservation number. Drove into town, paid & collected my order in less than 5 minutes (service in shop excellent). I could have had it delivered, but I wanted it NOW! Really,really excellent throughout the whole transaction. AND! The Sat Nav & Accessory Kit (total price £69.98) are, in my opinion, the MOST AWESOME PIECES OF KIT I'VE EVER SEEN! God knows what the £200+ kits do. They must make you a cup of coffee & a bacon butty during the journey for that price???? Anyway - ARGOS 10 out of 10 - BINATONE SAT NAV 11 out of 10. Visiting my Daughter tomorrow (me & the sat nav) down in Hampshire. Hours of FUN-FUN-FUN!!! for a wrinkly old man. Picking up a roof rack purchased on eBay Monday near Wigan. More hours of FUN?

I should mention the collection was from the LOUGHBOROUGH branch of ARGOS. Staff: polite; efficient & friendly. My till receipt said 6 minute wait, I waited 1 minute and was on my way in 5.



I've only been using Healthspan for a couple of months. First order in November 2012. The tablets I am taking have made such a difference (Multivitality 70 plus & Co Enzyme Q10) the results of my recent Annual Diabetic Review are AMAZING. HbA1c down to 7.5% and cholesterol down to 3.5, best ever results! Home monitoring glucose levels have dropped significantly and I'm feeling brighter and more positive/energetic. I also take Omega 3 tablets which, I shall be ordering from Healthspan, when my current supply runs out.

My Ex mother-in-law has used Healthspan products for years and she is 87 years old. I should have listened to her recommendation's years ago but you know what men are like!

Apart from the products on the website there are some excellent articles and reviews of the products which help to steer you to the correct tablets for your needs. If the prices and service stay the same I'll be using them for years.


Age Partnership


The people reading this site must be getting fed-up of my reviews. But I believe that bad companies & organisations should be put under the spot light and encouraged to provide decent customer service. And GOOD Companies & organisations like Agepartnership.com should be APPLAUDED.

I have just used this Company to find an Open Market Option (OMO) for my annuity savings. As I, now, know trying to find the best options in the market is a minefield. I hunted around the internet for quotes from comparison sites and was contacted by numerous companies. At that time I had not found trustpilot, so had no yard-stick to judge the best company. Because the choice of an annuity provider was a very big decision I put in a lot of time and effort researching the options of annuity providers & financial advisers that will assist in the search.

I had already gone the route of finding two independent financial advisers (IFA's), which is a nightmare in it's self, because unless your pension pot is very large (which mine wasn't) the costs can be astronomical. Of the four companies who contacted me it soon became apparent that Agepartnership was the best option.

Although I knew a fair bit about the annuity options available to me, their financial adviser, James Wadsworth walked me through it step by step on the telephone taking all the details and providing documentation promptly through the post as well as email contact and back-up. The bottom line is that I was provided with the most friendly & professional service you can imagine, at no cost to me (the regulations on this type of service have recently changed) and the amount of my annual pension was increased quite considerably. MANY THANKS TO ALL AT AGEPARTNERSHIP

UPDATE: Just read all the reviews on the site. I really am surprised they got a couple of duff one's and that they are only second on the pensions list. But it just goes to show different peoples perspectives.



I've been a smoker all my life from the age of 14 (I know it's not politically correct!) and a bit of an outdoors type,camping/hill walking/survival training/rock climbing etc. I have probably purchased or been given (as presents) about 3 or 4 Zippo windproof lighters but never used their Life Time Guarantee before. I just got another one instead. My last one, that was given to me as a present was in 1999,by a very special person. It's took some hammer,been engraved by me with a vibro-pen,got my initials some graffiti & my telephone number on and looks like s*** outside, battered & scratched. It finally gave up the ghost in about 2008 when the hinge on the lid was hanging off & wouldn't close properly. So I put it in it's presentation box and thought I'll fix it tomorrow! Tomorrow came in 2012,when now I've retired, I thought I'll send it off and get it fixed under the Life Time Guarantee. 4 or 5 weeks later as per the time line on the website. IT'S BACK - Shinning brand new inner, excellent repair to the hinge and spring (the lid clicks just like a ZIPPO should) and best of all,outside its battered & scratched and rough looking as though it's took some hammer. Just like it's very,very pleased owner.
THANK YOU ZIPPO - "it lights first time every time" like a zippo should and like a Sherman did many years ago - when some very brave men used both!



I've already exhausted myself adding comments to the other reviews. Please SEE THEM to get a real flavor of how I feel about this ABSOLUTELY APPALLING COMPANY and its derivatives. I've only found 3 but there are probably more out there? They should ALL be put out of business ASAP due to their total lack of honesty and integrity. They are selling brackets for £30/£40/£50 & £100 Then sending brackets that are priced at £20 on their website. In my opinion they have purchased a consignment of brackets, A06BLK which they are unable to sell due to the inherent design faults of only having 2 hole wall-fixings, vertically spaced, with a narrow seating area. Anyone with any technical knowledge would recognize that over time the forces acting on the cantilever arms will loosen the fixings and cause the TV to plummet to the floor. Would YOU trust your £300 - £400 - £600 TV to this set-up - NO YOU WOULDN'T. Don't get me wrong the bracket (A06BLK) that was incorrectly delivered to me is a good sturdy piece of engineering,which looks good and functions as it should. But with the design fault mentioned I would not/will not mount my TV (11Kg) on it,without modifications. Which I don't intend mentioning here, as I would sooner see the companies FAIL? With some effort on my part I will make the bracket work but most people do not have the time,energy and expertise necessary to do this. So the companies concerned: 123rackets.co.uk; racketsrus.co.uk & tvrackets4u.co.uk will continue to scam the UK public with their underhanded;shoddy;un-principled ways. UNLESS STOPPED BY YOU JOE PUBLIC!

REVIEW UPDATE 09/01/2013
email today offering me a different bracket - they must have seen my original review. If I accept their offer it will cost me £6 to send the bracket back. What do you think the chances of getting the new bracket are (marks from 1-10) and what are the chances of getting a refund when I've sent it back (marks again 1-10).

I will mark it 0-0. Because I think I will then be £36.45 out of pocket with nothing to mount my TV on. WHEN TRUST HAS GONE - ITS GONE

Would you Trust them? Comments Please.

REVIEW UPDATE 10/01/2013
Another email today from 123rackets,they will pay for me to return the bracket and send me another one or give me a refund. READERS I wonder why? Has your trust score gone up yet! Mine's not still (0-0).
Just sent the initial story of to WATCHDOG on their website (what a bind). I've run out of steam tonight so I'll leave doing RIP OF BRITAIN (The 3 fair Ladies) until tomorrow or maybe a weekend job. Did you know that Jennie Bond is 60, Angela Rippon is 66 and Gloria Hunniford is 70. I perhaps shouldn't mention their ages but I was absolutely amazed when I read the article about them. They have still defiantly got it all - charm,charisma & professionalism. Makes me look and feel about 110 and I'm only 64 honest.

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Retired engineer (hands on 40+ years),money tight so every penny counts. Being ripped-off like this makes me very,very angry because they know they have got you all ends up. Shopping on-line is good,but when you get scammed like this you tend to lose your trust in all on-line services. And you have to put in even more due diligence before making a purchase. apparently by Law all all companies should display their Company Registration No: I didn't know that - but I do now! These scamsrus bracket companies dont.