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Hermes Europe

Terrible service

This seems to be the main courier (in my experience anyway) that QVC use. I have had a number of items delivered with no problem, however in the last few months 2 parcels have went missing, one not an expensive product (£40) but the date the courier claimed he delivered the item was a local holiday and our premises were closed (I have items to delivered to my work address). OVC replaced the item but this took a couple of weeks. At the end of October I was expecting a tablet (value £200) from QVC, again driver claimed to have delivered this item and even had a signature this time, this item was never received and I then had to provide QVC with a copy of my signature from an official document to prove I had not received the item, again QVC replaced the item but this took 3 weeks, item was for a birthday present so NOT ideal. The latest delivery was despatched by QVC on 24 December 2012 (I was not expecting the item to be sent out so soon) I was on holiday from 21.12.12 until 7.1.13 and the tracking information I have is that the courier attempted to deliver this package 8 times (as far as I am aware they get paid per attempt) on 2 of the dates 2 of my colleagues were in the office, the other dates being 7.1.13 and 8.1.13 when I myself was back at work, premises were open from 8.30am until 5pm. I contacted Hermes on 7.1.13 who said they would try to contact their courier, no response, I then contacted them again on 8.1.13, they say they could still not contact their courier, they hire staff who use their own cars, never seen a Hermes van! I have now contacted QVC who say their records state the courier attempted to deliver the parcel on 7.1.13 at 12.04pm, we were here and again on 8.1.13 at 10.08am, again we were here. I have been told that my parcel has now been returned to QVC who say they cannot supply me with the goods again as they have none in stock. I would suggest Hermes do not have an acceptable system in place as their couriers seem to be able to report they have made a number of attempts when they quite obviously have not.


Excellent Service Every Time!

Our company has been using HiFX for a number of months now and I must say the service has been excellent. The transaction forms are easy to complete, the rates always better than using our bank and if the transaction is less than £3,000 there is no admin charge, our bank charged us £25 per transaction whatever the amount, HiFX charge £9/transaction. When completing the form the rate you are dealing with is live and when you hit complete, whatever the rate is, that is the rate you receive. On EVERY occasion with our bank the rate actually charged was ALWAYS higher that the one we received when booking the transaction, our bank put this down to fluctuations in rates but over the course of 3 years it cannot always be more!! On one occasion when sending the funds to HiFX our online banking hit a glitch (which our bank held their hands up to, though did not contact us for a number of days about this) and the funds went twice, a representative from HiFX was on the phone to us within 30 minutes to inform us of them having received the funds twice to check this was an error and had the funds returned to us the same day. Would highly recommend.

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