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Misleading Website and Terrible Customer Service

I was excited to find Infurn's site and that they were offering 30% off for a limited time, on Xmas Eve although they have extended this "limited time offer" every day since as is typical of companies who want to pressure you into buying.

I placed an order for a dining table and two sets of two dining chairs and the transaction went fine. On checking in a couple of days later I found that the expected date of delivery was in May 2013, more than 5 months away. As I could not wait this long I used the site's online contact form to request cancellation of my order and asked for a refund. Days went by with no response from Infurn although I forgave them a few days as it was now between Christmas and New Year. Further time passed without reply and so I used their online call back request on 2/1/13, requesting a call the following day between 5pm and 6pm. I left work early to be home in time for the call and finally received a call at 6.25pm. An Infurn customer service rep informed me that I could cancel the order but would only receive a partial 80% refund. I explained that I was not happy with this given the timescales involved and was told to put my complaint in writing. I did so immediately, that night and since then, now 5 days later have heard nothing. I have twice forwarded my response back to Infurn asking that they update me but am being completely ignored.

Furthermore Infurn's poorly coded website serves up different versions of the terms and conditions depending on the path you take to them. If you visit their site, ensuring you have selected the UK English locality and click through their About pages to the Terms and Conditions you are then served up Infurn USA's terms and conditions which make no reference to a 20% cancellation fee. I included this detail in my email to Infurn.

There is absolutely no way that I could recommend Infrun to anyone. The least you expect when you decide to spend your money with someone is that they give you the respect of responding to you when you email. Fortunately I have paid Infurn with a Visa Debit card and will be instigating a chargeback through my bank should I not hear from them this week.

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10 January 2013

Reply from Designfurn LTD (infurn.com)

Hello Jamie,

Thank you for your comments and we are sorry you are not happy in this instance.

Firstly, apologies for the slight delay in response recently, but although you were not responded to straightaway in writing, the Customer Service Team have tried to call you to discuss the matter.

You were also called back 2nd January, straight after the Xmas holidays and this was followed up with an email message too. However, in response to your review, we would like to make the following points:

The delivery date shown on your order is within the standard delivery time of 10 - 18 weeks.

You are within your rights to cancel within the first week but we do operate an early cancellation policy and unfortunately you were looking under USA Terms and Conditions and not UK Terms and Conditions and there are regional differences.

Kind Regards

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