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Easy to set up, easy to use

Nearly everything we have done in terms of setting up the service has been easy and seamless. Only the recording of a message proved complicated and does not seem to have worked. So far we are not using the service extensively, but hope to do so in the months to come. Their telephone support service was first rate and it really is a pleasure to have someone on the other end of the phone helping out when you get problems.


Lied twice about delivery of purchased goods. Ruined my son's Christmas.

My son ordered 3 Xmas gifts from Fancy.com on 20/12. They stated all three would be delivered next day. One was delivered as promised. The other two were no shows. After a complaint about the 2 missing gifts Fancy.com stated that the 'revised' delivery date for the two gifts was 11th of January. Now, on 9th Jan, they advise that one of the gifts is out of stock and money will be refunded. Heaven only knows if and when the remaining gift will be delivered. They have ruined our family Christmas.


Partaking in near criminal activity

My son booked a flight with this mob, through a bunch of Spanish con artists called eDreams. The ticket he bought turned out to be non-transferable and non-refundable. This was not advised by eDreams at time of purchase of the ticket, nor in the e-mail they sent out. Called Austrian Airlines in the UK and got a call centre in Ukraine. No way would Austrian refund the ticket. No way would they (Olga & Zoryana) give me the name of a contact in the UK or Vienna to write to. They would not even give me the name and address of their CEO. (BTW his name is Jaan Albrecht, Office Park 2 , Vienna1300, Austria.) Like most airlines that don't 'get it'. They think it is better to hold on to £250 for dear life, rather than go out of their way to help someone. Mustn't do anything to diminish the huge bonus the CEO will get next year, eh!?


Con Artists

My son booked a flight with this bunch of crooks. Had he taken the flight I suppose he would have been reasonably happy, (assuming they had not bumped up the ticket price as they appear to do.) However, he had to change the flight. It was then he discovered that the ticket was non-refundable and could not be changed. They claimed the airline imposed the restrictions. Contacted Austrian Airlines who confirmed they would not allow a change or refund on cancellation. They claimed these conditions were highlighted on the eDreams website at time of purchase (no they were not) and are contained in his eDreams confirmation e-mail. Again, not true. eDreams have, hidden away at the bottom of their website, in small print, a set of terms and conditions. Hidden away in there it states that they are not responsible for any terms and conditions the ticket have. That is up to the carrier. They don't want to know and are unwilling to help. The lady I spoke to at eDreams was rude and unpleasant. Also, they have a freephone line that does not work and a phone number that costs £1.35 a minute. I was frequently put on hold by the girl, who clearly had no interest in helping me.
My son was duped. I can see eDreams are a hairs breadth from being criminals. I advise you avoid them like the plague.

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Nice company to deal with

Very helpful and a pleasure to deal with. Beds delivered exactly when they said they would be.


Good customer service and very good website

Have been with the Bank for over 20 years as what they call a Premium customer. Very occasionally I have not been 100% impressed with them, but I would say that generally they are a very competent outfit. Their website works very well. Last year I opened a business account and so far everything has gone well. (They called me back when I registered my interest in a business account. Lloyds TSB and Nat West did not bother to return my calls.) The only situations where I have not been impressed is when I have encountered a member of staff who 1.) is not fully aware of what can or cannot be done, 2.) needs training in how to deal with the public or 3.) is in a call centre in India and talks to me like I am an imbecile. In general the staff I deal with in the UK are polite, helpful and diligent.


Excellent delivery & service

Have ordered multiple items, mostly bulbs for ovens and a fridge and they have all been delivered promptly. One oven bulb I ordered failed as soon as I tried it. Called them and they shipped a replacement immediately, no questions asked. The videos on their website are quite useful.

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