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Worst Delivery Company EVER!

XDP Express must be the worst delivery company ever. It's certainly the worst i've ever had experience with.

I've only given it 1 star because it had to have a start, otherwise it would be no stars

My parcel was sent on the 2nd January 2012 and out for delivery on the 3rd January 2012 for a PM slot. We stayed in all day waiting for it, only for it not to turn up. When we checked the tacking information it said that we had been carded. Not sure who they carded but it certainly wasn't our house and we never had a missed delivery card. We tried calling the number given for the local depot several times and not once did they answer.

On the 4th January 2012, it was out for delivery again for a PM slot. Yet again, stayed in all day for it only, you guessed it, not to turn up again. When we checked the tracking online, it now said check address. This is rather interesting, because why would XDP need to check my address if they had already put a missed delivery card through my door the day before!!!!! Again, we tried to call the local depot various times throughout the day and got no reply.

5th January 2012, it was out again for a AM slot delivery. No surprise really that it was never delivered that day either, and no matter how many times we called XDP no one ever answered the phone.

We emailed XDP asking for an explanation to what was going on. Their 2 sentence reply was that it was out for delivery and to contact the sender if there was a problem!!!!!

This company has no customer service what so ever. It even states on their own website that if you are receiving a parcel then all queries should be directed to the sender. Not sure why we would have to contact the sender about why XDP's service was so rubbish and that our parcel still hadn't be delivered. You would have thought that XDP, the company delivering my parcel, and who was in possession and charge of my parcel for delivery at the time, would take some sort of responsibility for it, instead of sponging of responsibility to the sender, even though they no longer had the parcel because XDP HAD IT!!!!!!

The parcel eventually arrived on the 7th January, on their 4th attempt apparently.

Because of the stupidly poor service XDP express provides, i'll no longer buy anything from other retailers that use XDP express to delivery goods that i might have brought from them. It's such as shame as i would have brought other goods i liked from that retailer, but i will not buy any goods or pay for delivery if it means having to receive my goods via XDP.

Regarding some of the other reviews that have given 5 stars below and other reviewers suspicion of them being employees. You might like to look at this below!!!

"Sophie Shaw! Didn't you winTelesales Competition for top sales person for the month of September, congratulations goes to Sophie Shaw who piped Kate to the winning post by only £700
£25.00 Marks & Spencer Voucher goes to Sophie - well done!!"

***Regarding XDP's reply. I have already emailed you if you read my review, and you was unhelpful then, saying to just contact the sender. Why will it be any different now if i email you again? Why do you want to help now, and not help me before when i had the problem? Is it because i've left you a bad review and you want to be seen to be doing something? Well, you had your chance, and i don't want anything to do with your company ever again.***

It's interesting to see you had so many 5* reviews all posted on the same day by people in Coleshill!!! For people not from the area Coleshill is one of the towns right next to Curdworth. Interesting so many people there reviewed you!

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16 January 2013

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Good morning Caitlin, Firstly thankyou for taking the time to put in writing the issues youve had. XDP really do try to iron out problems like this and improve relevant depots where needed, could i ask you to email with the consignment number or postcode so we can investigate this from our end, this information would be very much appreciated. Jennifer

In reply to your comment, Most people only take the time to comment when they are NOT happy, so after seeing some of the reviews on sites like this, XDP issued a flyer to each delivery on one drivers route asking for feedback on Trustpilot, we found the trial quite successful and will be replicating this in other depots over the coming months.

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