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Can't trust salesmen go back on their word

In October I was looking at the senator corner suite which was in the sale at £1400.00 I really liked the sofa and was ready to purchase. The salesman informed me that I had missed the deadline by a day for Christmas delivery and that It would be the new year before delivery, at the time it occurred to me that I might be better off waiting until after christmas as it might be cheaper in the sale.

I expressed this concern to the salesman who reassured me that it would not be in any cheaper in the sale and that if it was the store would honour the lower price. i asked for proof of this promise and he wrote this on my invoice, happy that i would be purchasing the suite at the lowest price I went ahead and ordered and paid a deposit of £150.00 Christmas came and so did the Harvey's sale, advertised on tv over the holidays was the Harvey's Boxing Day 8 day sale with my future sofa being advertised @£999.00 making it £400.00 cheaper.

I went into the store on the 27th Dec to remind the salesman of his promise to honour the sale price and I was amazed when he said that the £999 was on Boxing Day only and that the sale price was actually £1346.00 and if I had gone into the store on Boxing Day then I could have had the suite for £999.00 . (he never mentioned in October that I would have to go into the store to claim my sale price) I told him that I had the advertisement on a recording and would listen to it again. Angry and dissatisfied I left the store.

I watched the advertisement again and they did say with some special offers only on Boxing Day but I feel that this was not clear when the picture of the senator suite was shown as it had Haveys 8 day sale written on the screen at the same time as the picture.

Fearing that if I didn't go back into the store before the end of the 8 day sale they would not let me have the sofa at the sale price of £1346.00 I went in on New Year's Eve. I can only describe the manager as rude when he wrote on my receipt the amount as he sneered you will only get it £50.00 cheaper.

On New Year's Eve Harveys were again advertising a one day only sale with the sofa @£999.00 I thought this time I will make sure that I go to the store on the day of the sale.

I felt really scared to go into the store once again given the aggressive way I was treated the day before and so I asked my friend to accompany me. There are three people who work in the Wakefield store -the manager, the salesman who promised me the sale price and a woman who usually sits at the desk.

The woman and the manager were at the desk. I started to explain why I had come in and I can only say she was extremely abusive and aggressive she spoke over the top of me before i had a chance to talk saying in avery abrupt loud voice that the sale price for the suite was the same as yesterday and that todays price was an offer and not a sale. She got up and walked away as she was saying this.

I then started to ask the manager who said exactly the same.
I asked if I could transfer my deposit of £150.00 to another suite? He said no. When I pointed out that I could by the senator suite at another store and still be better off he replied that I could do that at the Wakefield store.

I asked him to cancel my order and left the store feeling very angry.

At the very least I feel that I should have my deposit refunded as Harvey's have broken their promise to honour the January sale price of the sofa.


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