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It finaly worked.

This is quite a story but it is worth sharing to customers as a point of learning. It would also give the company a very nice impression although I admit that I was so frustrated at first.

I found the iUnlox ad as I was using my iFunBox apps in my PC. I checked it out but at first I had some doubts. I tried to google reviews about this site and they were almost all positive about it. I thought they were only ghost reviews at first. Then in a little while I was somehow convinced after reading some of them that they were more or less authentic. So I immediately put my order in the website. I waited for a week but I never had gotten any confirmation of my order. I tracked my order but it said that they had no record of my order. So I got worried for I already paid for it. I tried to leave an offline message to the customer service. I got an e-mail response from them after a few minutes that they received my inquiry. Now I and the customer service had an e-mail chat. According to them they found out that my order didn't register in their database so I need to e-mail my receipt of payment. So I did. They registered my payment manually and then asked me all the necessary information about my iPhone 5 and network (which of course I already did online awhile back). So I received an e-mail telling me that I have been registered and have to wait for the unlock confirmation message. I constantly checked my order status but it gave me a message of "order processing." It went on and on for a month. I was busy the whole month of December 2012 so I had no time to lodge a complain again to the customer service. By the second week of January 2013 I contacted customer service again by e-mail. They again asked me to the same procedure of sending the copy of receipt payment which I already did a month ago for according to them they have no record in their database (a deja vu?). I got really pissed off, but in the end I sent to them all the documents and information they need to have. So they resubmitted the order like the last time. After a day, I received a confirmation that my iPhone can be unlocked through iTunes. I tried it and it is finally unlocked. Well, the service is finally delivered. I appreciate the attentiveness of their customer service. They are very quick to respond to any message. Generally I'm satisfied. But I strongly suggest that they should always check their server frequently for some glitches that it won't happen to anybody what happened to me. Thanks anyway.

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