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Great Service and outstanding products! ..............THE FORCE is strong with these ones...

I bought for my wife as Christmas present the new DG´s Frames! And we just love them!!! She looks amazing and she said that she had never had a better and so accurate prescription.

We saw the frames first on a regular optics-store in Vienna all together with the prescription they were €349! it seemed like the store was having some sort of Rent payment difficulties and they wanted me to chip in....

I was already decided to pawn my house, my car and all my Star Wars toys in order to come out as a hero in the then blurry eyes of my wife.

Came back home and started to arrange all the house Papers and my Car´s too! Then with tears on my eyes I found Luke and Darth... and started to wrap them on bubble wrap followed by 8000 Ewoks!

By some miracle I decided to type on Google the frame number of those DG´s that were about to destroy my life... and the first hit that came was www.eyewearbrands.com on rainy UK.

After some investigation I saw that indeed was a real site... I typed the prescription, spoke with some of the lovely girls on Customer Service (GREAT SERVICE BY THE WAY!!)... and my final bill was GBP140! which is about 150 something!

2-3 weeks later some bearded DHL Obi Wan Kennobi look alike came to my desk and delivered THE PACKAGE! (but not in a gay way)...

Long story short...I kept my house, my car, My wife hugged me... she stopped walking into walls! and I kept my 8000 Ewoks and my Millennium Falcon...

Luke and Darth are fine by the way...still having some sort of paternity discussion on one of my shelves, Luke is still crying like a little girl.

I am now about to order my second frames from them and we are planning on reglazing some of the old frames of my wife...

As a suggestion ask for your Doctor´s prescription don´t get your prescription at the shopping Mall!

Kindest regards from miserable Austria and may The Force be with you.

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