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Avoid like the plague!

They, for some reason, have deals that even the actual companies can not provide you and the staff in their stores are absolutely rude and agressive. We went in to check on a deal for s3 and they offered a good price, but not for the data limit we asked for. I needed to check if that will work for us and asked the manager to give me some time to think about the data limit. He kept pushing us and kept asking 'what can I offer you to sign up now?' and I told him that I HAVE To talk to a couple of techie friends to see if the data plan will work. Since he was so pushy, I felt uncomfortable and told him that we will come in tomorrow.
Next Day: We go in and tell him that we are OK with the plan and he was happy to sign us up. And then my husband asked him if there could be a reduction in the upfront cost for the mobile (this was a joke and we never meant it to come through. We wanted to see how far they would go!) and the man was very brash and his exact words were 'Why should I cater to you? That was yesterday and I have already met my sales target. Now I don't care.' This was extremely rude and unprofessional. He was a total Dic*head and I can tell that they are a rip-off company.
They tell you things like : You sign up now for 28 pounds and then in 12 months you can bring the price down to 20 by contacting O2. I called up O2 to check and they said they can not bring down the cost, but yes I can switch to a higher amount. They lie through their teeth to get a sale and it is upto you to check and recheck before you sign up.

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