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give 'em clown suits- at least we'll know to expect a joker

answered a knock at the door just now- man, very large man, not a problem on it's own however this man had dirty hair, and was draped in a disgustingly stained t-shirt - and i do mean covered in food stains, he wanted me to take in parcel for my neighbour. i looked at him and thought he didn't look like an employee of any company so asked him- he replied 'yodel' and asked me to sign on a line where there were no details eg i would effectively be signing a blank sheet that could be filled in after to say anything! so i refused and he wasn't very polite about it. i immediately thought 'bet the company don't know'- and really they ought to monitor staff, certainly for trying to get people to sign random bits of paper, so went online to find a 'phone number and saw all the chat rooms about yodel! wow- what an unpopular lot- hope their karma is quaking (or whatever karma does when it's ba-a-ad)
anyway tried to get thro by variety of different numbers- found it impossible as i don't have a delivery number and unless i'm mistaken there is nowhere on their website for complaints- i wonder why? i will make sure i let everyone i know in on this shower of unprofessional money grabbers!

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