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As advertised & therefore, as expected

Its probably an age thing here, not because I am old, just old enough that I remember when one had to go to a shop to buy something. Now dont get me wrong, its a wonderful thing to do online & aside from a few "hands on" items, I am more than happy to continue shopping in this way. The issue I have is with relentless feedback requests. Again, I have benefitted by avoiding merchants with poor reviews, so no issue with the principle, however, it seems more & more that sellers want confirmation & reaffirmation that they performed as advertised, when my expectation is that this should be a minumum requirement & therefore reviews should only consist of very poor or exceptionally good. Numerous "delivered correct item on time & not damaged" type reviews should be of little benefit assuming a basic requirement of trading is one of largely error free functionality. If I read a review of a coffee shop, I expect to be informed as to whether the service was exceptional or abysmal & is the coffee quality or cheap, not that they do in fact serve coffee & the staff bought it to my table.
This may seem like a pointless moan, but my point is, I purchased an audio amplifier & it would make sense to me if I was asked what I thought of the amp, but no, here I am being asked what I thought of the shopping experience. Short answer: took less time than writing this review, but shouldve gone to an actual shop due to the amp not being adequate for my requirement. Not the fault of the seller, just me taking the "easy" option, but to get what I need I will have to go out & then put this one on Ebay & then OMG, get a reseller review to complete this circled web of receipt.......

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