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Best DJ Store on the web

Not only do DJ Kit have the lowest prices, they also seem to have exclusive deals. Got my Ergo V with a free pair of Pioneer HD-150 cans thrown in for the same price the Ergo V was going elsewhere. Delivery super fast too and communication also excellent. Recommended

28 February 2013

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great review richard! thanks you.Best DJ store on the web eh? wow


Do not buy from Paul Simon!

We bought a coco sofa and cuddle chair from them with their insurance just over 2 years ago for just over £1200. Over time the sofa and cuddle chair became lower and lower and and the arm cushioins mis-shaped and unsightly. We put in a claim through the insurance. The assessor came, tried to improve by "plumping" the cushions which we did every 2 weeks or so anyway but no real improvement.

The report was filed and the insurance company came back and said that the "feather" filled cushions were not covered and as it was all down to "compacting", it's not covered anyway. The Ts & Cs of the insurance contract did not say that feather filled cushions were not covered so I put them straight on this and they said this was an error.

So I called Paul Simon head office and they asked me to complain in writing. I did and received a letter back saying they couldn't do anything. Not even replace the insides of the arm cushions (which was the sort you'd get in a cheap pillow and once it's out of shape, cannot be returned to it's natural shape). Seriously, if they'd just replaced the filling on the arm cushions, it would have cost them next to nothing and that would have appeased me!

I'm no pondering processing a claim through the small claims court as I'd say the sofa was not fit for purpose. It's had average traffic although the cuddle chair is only really used when people come over so low use on that. I purchased via Barclays finance which I paid off early but am also pondering contacting them for advice. They probably won't do anything as it's all paid off though.

The store manager was distraught to hear about my complaint but said he was powerless and that I had to go through head office who quite frankly were rude and useless (spelling on the letters was awful).

So basically, Paul Simon sell poor quality goods and have awful aftercare. Don't waste your money on their insurance policies either.

You are better off buying a cheap sofa from Tesco, at least with that you don't expect it to have a long lifespan.

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