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No sign of "important changes to their service offering"

In May this year Yodel announced improvements to their customer services including improved tracking functionality and SMS alerts.

Unfortunately, while they may have improved their web based tracking functionality from a usability perspective it's still extremely uninformative.

I missed a delivery earlier this week, no notice of this impending delivery was sent by SMS or email but I did receive a card.

I tried, unsuccessfully to arrange redelivery of the package only to be shown an error message simply telling me my package cannot be scheduled for redelivery - no further explanation was given.

I then called the 0800 phone line and hung up after being told that the system could not validate my house number (so how did the non-delivery card get here?). After redialling the number I eventually got to speak to an operator who was very polite, friendly and helpful, she was able to arrange the redelivery of my package for me.

I am now sitting at home, after taking a day off work, waiting for the redelivery. I have just had a look at the tracking system for any sign of activity but it's still showing exactly the same status as before - "We are sorry, but it appears your parcel has been delayed".

How is this helpful?
How is this any kind of improvement?
Will I still be sitting here at 9pm wondering?

If it doesn't arrive then I've wasted an entire day (at the expense of my employer) when a simple text message or email could have made life easier for everyone?

Why can't Yodel and the vendors who use them understand that customers who work full time can only be flexible at the discretion of employers?

Why should a person have to give up a day's leave, call in sick or work extra hours to make up for lost time just so they can sit around waiting for a service they've paid for to not do what it says on the tin?

Is this what they mean by - "Here comes the revolution. With creative thinking and a cheery smile, we’re changing the way your parcels are delivered."


So, after waiting in all day, spending the last hour on the phone, being cut off 4 times (once by a human, who couldn't find my package details) and spending who knows how much calling from my mobile, the decent, shat upon and underpaid call centre worker I finally got through to told me that the depot staff failed to load the package onto the van at 11am this morning. Its now after 3pm!

Suggestions put forward by said call centre worker were to either arrange a new redelivery time (seriously?) or pick up my package from the depot (10 miles away, no car).

I asked if they could redeliver on Saturday, he said yes and they would waive the additional charge involved. So its not all bad but it means I can't go out on Saturday now either.

I urge anyone who has bad experience of this sad excuse for a company to contact the vendor involved and express disappointment at their choice of delivery agent. If something you have bought has to be returned due to non-delivery make a point of telling the vendor why the delivery didn't happen as it should. If you know anyone who is unlucky enough to work for Yodel, urge them to find a new job because if these guys don't get their act together they're not going to last much longer.

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