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Very poor service and incompetence

Until recently I've never had a problem with 123 Reg and register all my domains with them. I run a website design and development company so it's useful to have my domains in one place. A lot of the times clients want to register the domains themselves so I recommend 123 Reg to them.

However, from my recent experience I'm seriously reconsidering. Ultimately they have cost me money in a fee that I have been charged, but also my time for trying to get the issue resolved and the downtime that my client has experienced.

I'm an honest person and I'll explain exactly what happened from my point of view. I believe I'm correct to be very unhappy, but please comment if you support or think I'm in the wrong. I would just like some guidance on how to take this a lot further. I don't mind paying legal fees but I'm unsure of the next steps?

OK, on to what happened.

In December I received an email from 123 Reg which stated that my domain name had been renewed (auto renewed like all my domains) and the invoice had been paid so no further payment had been required. Looking at the account it said that the domain name now expires in 2014. I also get a PayPal record that the payment is successful.

Monday 7th Jan 2013 I get a call from my client to say that his website isn't working. I check the site my end and fine so I contact the hosting company. They inform me the domain name has expired. I say impossible, but I would check my 123 reg account. Still says 2014 as the expiry date so I contact the host yet again. They show me a report which confirms the domain name has expired.

I stress at this point I have heard nothing from 123 reg apart from the email that domain name has been renewed and invoiced paid.

I panic and renew the domain name manually for another 2 years to see if that does anything and contact 123 reg chat support. They confirm domain name has expired. I explain what's happened and they reply with sending me a link to their terms and conditions. Not getting anywhere with the online chat I call the support.

They 'understand' where I am coming from, but say I need to pay the redemption fee to get the domain name back. They explain the payment failed so the domain name didn't renew (despite email and paypal confirmation) and then ended up in redemption.

They actually say that it's my responsibility to renew the domain name (why have auto renew then?). They also mentioned that I should have contacted them when the payment failed to inform them to try again. HOW COULD I inform them if I didn't know? I have an email from them to say payment has been made and domain renewed.

I asked to speak to a manager and they couldn't do that. What they could do is put it into a ticket and request someone call me back. Now, i have a client complaining to me that they are losing money so I have no option but to pay the redemption to get the domain name up and running. They did that and charged my account - payment seemed to go through ok then!

The ticket didn't explain any of the issues and no one has called me back. They took the payment quickly, but yet dealing with my complaint hasn't progressed any. I can't believe that after all these years they just do something like this.

If I made a mistake then fine. I'll take it and move on. However, I'm being charged for because they mishandle of the domain. I also have a suspicion that they tried to renew the domain too late. The domain name was due to expire in Nov, yet I didn't get the renewal email until 24 December. Therefore does that now mean they messed up with the dates? I'm just not sure as I can't get an answer.

As you can see a very frustrating situation. I just hope I can get this resolved or it means moving all my domains and not using this service again.

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09 January 2013

Reply from 123 Reg


I am sorry to hear that you have experienced difficulties with the renewal of your domain name. I can assure you that in most cases domain name registrations and renewals process without any difficulties, however occasionally the process can fail. There are lots of little steps along the way to renew a domain name and as can happen with any internet system, occasionally one of these fail. This is why we do encourage all of our customers to check the whois to ensure that a registration or renewal has processed correctly. The sooner we are alerted to a failed renewal the easier it is to resolve.

In regards to your particular case, I would be more than happy to look into the domain name for you and work with you to find a resolution. If you would like me to please send your details over to


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