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The estimated offers are an absolute insult.

For example (and this is roughly right off the top of my head),
"SAW limited edition "- 30p.
"Lord of the rings collectors edition" - 26p <- Correction
"Jason goes to hell" - £1.50 <- Correction
"A Bugs Life" - £1.11


However, we needed the money at the time, but I wish I would have had the time to sell them privately on ebay.

I don't think I will use their service again :(

EDIT (response):

Well, if your going to be particular... You offered me 30 pence for SAW.


These are ridiculous offers, especially when SAW V was next to brand new and more up-to-date than "Bugs Life" and less of a B-grade movie than "Jason Goes to hell".

And as I said, I needed the money, otherwise I would have gone elsewhere.

09 January 2013

Reply from musicMagpie

Hi Lee - looking at those valuations they appear to incorrect. For example Saw which is actually £1.58. Please remember you didn't have to sell anything to us that you didn't want to. If you weren't happy with the valuations, you could have removed those items from the order, or cancelled the order altogether. Kind regards,

musicMagpie Customer Services

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