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Worst experience ever! One star is stil to generous for this "company"

There are no words to describe my disappointment in this company!
I ordered some products on 23-12-12.
As it has to ship to the Netherlands.
The company offers free shipping, but to be safe I paid extra for tracked shipping.
Considering the distance (and holidays) I wasn't expecting the parcel to arrive before new years day.
When I received the confirmation e-mail I noticed that they expected delivery before 2nd Jan!
I was very pleased with this, knowing I would receive my products soon.
It dawned on me that I wouldn't receive my goods before 2nd Jan, when I check tracking and noticed the parcel hadn't even left the UK yet.
I wasn't stressed at this point, hoping the parcel would arrive later in the week.
But the tracking status still hadn't changed later in the week.
Not trusting the status, I contacted HQhair customer service with queries about the whereabouts of the parcel.
The lady on the phone only said "I don't know"... and that's all the answers she gave me.
She wasn't going to look into it, or nothing. I had to wait until 15 Jan until I could contact them again "because there's nothing I can do for you until then." Cheers!
I wasn't satisfied with how customer service treated me, so I contacted MHI delivery services, with no luck!
They couldn't help me, because of a "glitch" in their system... They didn't even know where the parcel was!
The worst thing happened this morning, when logging in to see the delivery status... it said "Delivery failed, parcel has been returned to sender".
I have been home every single day since I ordered the parcel, and NOBODY has come round for delivery.
Again I contacted MHI to clarify why the package is returned to sender, because there has never been any attempted delivery! And again MHI couldn't tell me anything useful, and advised me to contact HQhair.
So, that's what I did... I was just on the phone with HQhair customer "service".....
Of coarse... they know nothing (surprise surprise), so what are my options?
I either wait for 3 weeks until they receive the parcel back, and only then will I get a refund.
If I still want the goods, they will send it with MHI again!
I explained how I don't have any confidence in MHI, and I would like to have it shipped with UPS or DPD, if it was possible for once if they could ship it with someone else...
She just said NO, that's not our policy.
HQhair didn't make any attempt to check if there was another option for me. I don't call this service!!
They didn't even once apologies!
This company doesn't know the meaning of the world service, the customer service staff is rude, not very bright and very UNhelpful.
I would never recommend this company to anyone!

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