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Protect your bubble

Terrible service, three week wait for a faulty phone

I insured my iphone 5 with Protect My Bubble. I called them on 13.12.12
with claim for a cracked screen. I received the phone back on 8.1.12. The
company claim a 48 hour turn around on their website, max 5 working days.
So they had it over three weeks. Then, when i go to use it, the screen
doesnt work properly! So they haven't even repaired it after 3 weeks. I now
have to send it back to them for a new repair. My contract is £52 a month,
so..... as well as no phone over Christmas, I have wasted £52 on a
contract. They have offered £25 compensation, which is ridiculous. I will
go to Ofcom and let you know their verdict - I expect at the least to get
my line rental back and the option to terminate my contract, as God knows I
do not want my phone to be insured by a company that can't return a) a
working phone and b) a working phone within 3 weeks.


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