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They work. Don't know if it's a coincidence but since taking them in just a week my arthritic toe has stopped hurting when doing extreme physical activity and my recovery rate has increased.
They work. End of

Can't use website to edit changes and phone cuts off

I know its a busy season but I've tried 4 times to edit my card but the inside OF ANOTHER CARD ON SAME ORDER comes up on screen.
I just wanted to change "do" to "of".
I've tried ring both telephone numbers, got cut off on the 0845 4500 100 number twice, and subsequently still waiting on the 02078030390 number. Waited over ten minutes, nothing. To make matters worse as I was holding I tried to email them but email autocorrected to yet confuse matters further - I take full responsibility for mis-typing but it's highlighted just how hard it is to contact moonpig these days.
I'm a little disappointed because the website was playing up last night when I created the first card, so had to abandon it until just now. I had to leave it, hoping that it'd give me a chance to review it. Nope, just took the order (and my money).
I guess had I not been trying to get a phone response before it went to print I may have been able to use both hands to type.
I deeply regret doing the prepay now. I'll just put it down to my error, use up the prepay I've just paid for and go with funky pigeon. Shame, I've been a moonpig customer for years.

The Whisky Exchange

Great service

Packaged with care, attention to detail, true to UK customers, attentive to customer queries. What more can I say. Quality company.

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