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Hermes Europe

DO NOT USE! Untrustworthy, unreliable and unhelpful.

I had placed orders with two separate retailers, one on the 23rd December and the other the 24th December. Hermes marked one 'out for delivery' on the 29th December so I stayed at home all day so I would not miss the delivery. This was then updated as having an 'access problem' the next day and no card was left, no knock on the door.

The delivery tracker was then updated on both items on 31st December saying they were 'out for delivery'/re-attempt delivery'. I was working this day but came home to find there was still no card to re-arrange delivery/pickup from depot. I thought this was due to the fact it was new years eve and they may of finished early, hence why my parcel wasn't delivered. I waited a few days as it was the bank holiday but all that was updated on one of the trackers saying I wasn't at home on the 31st. The other tracker was not updated from 'out for delivery' on the 31st.

Out of frustration with not knowing what had happened to my parcels, what I could do to get them and who to contact, I contacted both retailers. They escalated the issue to Hermes who then came back with the explanation that the items were lost in transit!!!

Completely confused with how they could be lost in transit when the courier had apparently attempted delivery with the parcels inside my building (as confirmed by one of the retailers, meaning they had the parcels with them), I contacted Hermes head office to ask for the London depot number to speak to them myself about what had happened and what I could do. This was completely pointless. I was spoken to very rudely, and when I explained the situation, was repetitively met with the answer 'speak to your retailer' (despite that stated I already had) over and over, even speaking over what I was trying to say, treating me like I stupid by speaking to me like a robot.

This has now meant I have lost the items I really wanted and I can't get replacements as they are all sold out. As far as I can gage if you use Hermes you are taking a massive gamble on whether you will receive your items as they don't care whether you get them or not. In this situation if they had even left a card I could of picked the items up or re-arranged delivery for a day I was in (despite the fact I was at home the first day they were out for delivery) but they had given me no options or help to do anything about it to ensure my items arrived safely. I do not buy the excuse they were 'lost in transit' when they had stated on the tracker that they had them and they were to be delivered. This means they either never had them to begin with and were lying about attempting delivery or their driver has lost them/stolen them and lied about them being lost in transit. Either way, they are untrustworthy, unhelpful and clearly have no respect for their clients customers. I will never use them again and can only urge others to do the same if you are ordering something online that you really want.

Massively disappointed and upset.

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