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Complete Care Shop

Excellent service.

I've dealt with Complete Care Shop a few times now, and have always had excellent service from them. This last time there was a slight glitch in the website, and it wouldn't complete the order, but a phone call sorted it immediately and the order- which was in a biggish box - arrived within a couple of days, excellent service from Royal Mail too! Would highly recommend Complete Care Shop.

Irish Sports Warehouse

3rd machine also faulty. Have finally given up and asked for a refund.

I bought an elliptical trainer from Irish Sports Warehouse, it arrived just before Christmas. When assembling it, I found two parts just wouldn't fit no matter how hard I tried- my brother even took a hammer to it, as I had, and HE couldn't get them to fit either, and he's very hefty! Unfortunately by this time, the Christmas holidays had started, so it was 2nd January before I could phone and complain - but a new trainer was dispatched immediately. I had difficulty with the same two parts on the new trainer, and emailed pictures to the company wanting to know what was wrong, which they showed to a technician. They emailed back the same day, explaining that it was ok to use a hammer to get these pieces on, "a light tap" the technician said. Well, he's obviously a lot stronger than me, because it took several good whacks of a hammer - but I did get the pieces together! And that technical hitch aside, I have to say that their customer service was second to none. They responded immediately and without quibble to my first complaint and replaced the faulty machine, and again when I contacted them, responded immediately to sort out the difficulty I was having. Would definitely recommend them.
ps 18/01/13. Ah. The trainer went well for a very short while. Then a nut fell off oneof the footrests, and the footrest itself was coming off. I thought it was me -that I hadn't tightened the nut enough. Fixed it. Started exercising again. Within a few rotations of the wheel the nut fell off again. Fixed it again. This time the wheel got about half a rotation, and the nut fell off again! Furious, I phoned Irish Sports Warehouse next morning and explained, and emailed photos. They are replacing the machine - again. If this new one isn't up to scratch, I will not be looking for another replacement, but a refund.
22/01/13 What I hope is the final round: I started assembling the latest replacement trainer today. This machine had the same fault as the first one had. I am pretty annoyed by now, and phoned Irish Sports Warehouse immediately. They said they would send replacement parts or another machine - I told them I didn't wan't yet another one of these machines. I was getting more exercise assembling and disassembling the machines than using them. I will be sending the machine back, and want a refund. The girl I spoke to said they will process the refund as soon as they receive the machine in their warehouse. Let's hope so, because if not, they will be hearing from me again. Oh yes, indeedy! I've no quibble with their staff, or their customer service. But really - three faulty machines? And to be told every time I phoned "We've sold lots of those, and haven't had any problems with them."

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