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Cult Pens

Wonderful range of stuff for the pen-nerd combined with quick and thrifty shipping!

After trying various on-line stores (including the Big-River-in-South-America one) to no avail when it came to sending pens, pencils, refills, etc to Australia, I happily stumbled across Cult Pens. I was only looking for roller ball and fibre-tip refills at the time so just landed in that corner of their site. After getting my basket and payment all the way to the end without hitting the aforementioned shipping hurdle I then had a browse about in the other parts of the site.
And WOW!!! What a toothsome range of everything that the pen-freak, the write-o-phile, the pencil-head and even the well adjusted person could possibly desire.
There are things in there that until I saw them I had not realised I needed so desperately. For example, my inner nerd simply could not resist a Cleo Messograf or two.
I discovered amongst other things that the Mecanorma technical pens (which have the BEST filling and non-leaking systems - furlongs ahead of the ubiquitous Red Rings) that seemed to have vanished from Earth for ever have rematerialised under the name Aristo MG1.
They even have an extensive range of my all-time-favourite brand Caran d'Ache, and all at very sporting prices.
The two modest orders I have placed so far have been quickly dispatched at reasonable international shipping rates, and have found their way to the other side of Earth in less than three weeks, even during the Christmas mail bottleneck.
I'll finish up here: by now you've probably lost interest in my ramblings and jumped right in to the web site and started ordering.

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