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Unacceptable delivery policy and no client consideration

I sometimes order items online for the convenience to have it delivered to my door. Typically couriers will phone and agree on an approximate delivery time that someone will be home, or leave a note to call them.

Unfortunately purolator's service ethics is not in line with industry standards. They came in the middle of the day (when normal harworking Canadians are at work) to my door, found no-one at home, and left a note that I can pick up the package from their warehouse, more than a 50km return trip from my home.
When I complained to purolator about this system, their response was defensive and blaming my trip on my inability to read their note. They claimed that they would have phoned me the next day to agree on a delivery time, and that this is indicated as such on their note. I re-examined the note, and still can't find it, not even in the fine script on the back of the note. It only indicates that I can pick up the package and that they will hold the package for 5 business days.

To me there are 2 principles wrong in the way Purolator treats the clients of other companies that use Purolator to deliver their products:
•They can make a quick call like other couriers to find out approximately what time you are home, which they refuse to do.
•They place the blame for their ineffective operations on the shoulder of the client.

To be honest, next round it will be more convenient for me to drive 5 km to my local store and buy the product in person. If I pay for the convenience for delivery, I don't need to drive 50km to collect the part myself, after paying double the cost. If I need to order another item next time, and the dealer uses the services of Purolator, I will unfortunately cancel the order.

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