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Protect your bubble

Very good service to buy BUT in reading reviews of people who have actually claimed I am now a bit worried!!!

We are very happy and reassured that our gadgets are covered in the unfortunate event something happens. The site is very clear and easy to use and very quick to complete the insurance. The price is excellent and very competitive! Took me a while to keep reading the small print as at some points it was a little confusing as to what the limitations were and what actually you were covered for. But overall the experience was a positive one.

After buying and being asked to review my experience, I am a little worried now if in the event something happens and we need to claim as all I have read is people being VERY dissatisfied with the whole experience, rude customer service or hardly any customer service at all due to no replies, long delays and not being available on weekends. ALSO, what worries me is that I read that if you lose or have your phone stolen on a weekend you are not covered, WHAT IS THIS ALL ABOUT??? If you insure your phone and pay extra for loss, why are you not insured depending on the day? Is this true??? And I don't see the reason why you aren't covered for the first 14 days, this does not make sense, again you have purchased a policy why can't you be insured straightaway?

I am still in the cooling off period, I might look around for other insurance which do cover my concerns listed above as I don't mind paying more a month, as long as I am fully insured.

10 January 2013

Reply from Protect your bubble

Hi Lynsey,

Thank you for your review. You are certainly still covered at the weekend, you just need to ensure that you follow the processes outlined in our T&Cs. The reason we have a 14 day exclusion period is to try and limit the possibility of fraudulent claims, which can unfortunately be the nature of insurance. We are constantly reviewing our processes and have added extra customer support advisers on learning that customers had to wait for calls to be answered. The majority of our customers are happy with the service, but we understand that with the nature of the business there may sometimes be negative reviews. If you have any further questions I will be happy to assist.

Kind regards

Protect your bubble

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