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Good if you like being annoyed & having headaches.

I am from Canada. Does that make a difference? I'm not sure.
I had ordered two tops from UrbanOG on Dec. 18th, 2012. I received an e-mail saying that both tops were shipped. The next day, I received another e-mail saying that only one of my tops were shipped because the second top was out of stock but they were now in stock again so they would be happy to ship it to me, but they tried to get me to pay for shipping AGAIN. We exchanged various e-mails and phone calls until they finally agreed that they would pay for the shipping of the second top.

The first top was to arrive on January 2nd, 2013. It didn't. The UPS tracking site changed it to January 3rd. No top! Finally, it was changed to January 4th. I checked the UPS tracking site and it said delivered - but I did not have the top!! I called UPS... they could not help me. I called UrbangOG... they said they would file a Lost Package Claim.

On January 7th, a package appears on my doorstep. Could this be the missing package?? I open it. It is in fact NOT the missing package, but the second top that I had ordered (and received no tracking information for), but it had the same tracking information that was supposed to be associated with my FIRST package.

I then e-mail UrbanOG and ask WTF. Oops, they had actually forgotten to send my first package in the first place. But they still had it in their warehouse and would be happy to send it once they receive my payment for it! I ALREADY PAID FOR IT ON DECEMBER 18TH LIKE THREE WEEKS AGO. Oh, yes. They magically are just NOW receiving my payment. Interesting.

Anyway, they mail the first top and my package is now on it's way... apparently. We'll see.

The top that I did receive - I love. I believe their items to be fairly good quality, they are just completely lacking in their customer service area. I've read good reviews... I've read bad reviews. I guess it just depends on luck!

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