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Yodel ? We Never Deliver on Time & Fabricate our tracker system

The company since they've decided to operate have been nothing more than a disaster.
My wife and I both run businesses from our home on Exmoor and Yodel are only consistant in one thing.Bad service on all fronts.
On no less than 15 occasions now, a few of our suppliers have utilised Yodel. Never and I do mean NEVER has a parcel be EVER delivered on time.
Despite what YODEL say on their Tracker, they have NEVER attempted a delivery to our home. Any time they have FINALLY delivered they have tried to do so discretely so we did not catch them.
But armed with teo mark one border collies in the hallway and driver coming into our porch set s them off (believe me we can hear them from all over our house!)
Then we also have CCTV which covers all approaches to our property so if need be we can go through the coverage recorded and check when they say they have been and allegedly left their "Card"
To date Yodael have always said "Attempted Delivery no one to receive parcel, card left".
Yet on their Tracker page it says on the progress listing at the top
Current status: At service centre

We are sorry, but it appears your parcel has been delayed. Please find details below.

If you are out we will leave your parcel with a neighbour, or in a dry, safe place out of public view.

So if that is the case, where is the excuse not to deliver????


If you have a failed delivery by YODEL please call your supplier and or e mail them and tell them that you'll never deal with them again if the maintain utilising YODEL as their courier.

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