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Terrible in EVERY way!!!

Couldn't agree more with all of the posted comments!!!
Why? Here's a brief account of my experience with BT over the past 4 months:
- Waited over 2 months to get my broadband connected due to a number of mistakes on BT's side
- Received a bill for £47 within the above 2 month period charging me for broadband which I obviously didn't have
- Had to call 3 times to get the £47 taken off my bill - could have been dealt with in 5 minutes!!!
- Due to above, cancelled my BT account. Happy to pay £130 phone cancellation fee minus £47 deposit. However, received a bill for £174 (extra amount including: £47 that was apparently taken off the bill, but NOT; £25 infinity activation fee and £7 delivery charge for modem - remember I DIDN'T RECEIVE THIS SERVICE, and other random charges)
- Spoke to 2 managers about above bill. on both occasions managers couldn't work bill out, but would 'look into it'. promised a call back from both managers. NOT ONE CALLED BACK!
- Within above time, bill was sent to a collections agency which had added on an extra £26.96 to my bill plus screwed with my credit rating
- Finally, got in contact with a competent and reasonable manager who ACTUALLY listened to me and was able to take all of the additional fee's off my bill in a matter of minutes, which is great, but had taken 2 months and many calls to achieve.

In addition, I would like to add that every time i called, there was an incredible waiting time (over 20 mins), followed by having to deal with staff who didn't take the time to LISTEN to what I had to say making each call much longer than it had to be and making the prospect of having my concerns dealt with all the more painful. Finally, after getting through the long waiting time and barrier of the rude customer services team, speaking to the managers was equally painful (one was having a conversation with someone else while I was explaining my case to him; all but one actually took the time to really listen to what i had to say and deal with it promptly)

There's far more to say, but I don't have any more energy to deal with this. So far, I have spent too much time and money making call after frustrating call to a customer services team with very little progress in adequately dealing with my concerns. All I know is that I will NEVER use BT again!! Who would have thought that getting something as simple as internet could be so frustrating and time consuming. Quite shocking that this type of service is coming from one of UK's main internet/phone providers. 0 stars!!!! BTW, I have never taken the time to complain about a company online. I guess this shows how upset I am with the overall service I've received from an apparently trusted UK company.

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