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Greased Lightning

Best thing I have ever bought to clean the car

I saw this product for the first time on one of the shopping channels on tv it looked god but as it was tv I thought there were some trickery involved so I had to try it for myself.
When the product arrived I could not wait to try it out thinking I would have to re wash the car with soap and a hosepipe but to my amazment it actully did what it said it would within 1 hour I had a gleeming car inside and out.I hardly use the old fashioned way of cleaning my car now,and I go down dirty farm tracs at least 3 to 4 times a week but it still shinning after I clean it and mud comes off easilly. I like the fact that you get a protective coat once you have applied it .Last year I went to a wedding and there were a few BMW JAGUARS MERCS but none of them were as clean and shinny as mine and a few coments were made so I told them about this product. This has to be the best product to clean protect your car I bought a new car last year and they were trying to sell me some product that would protect my car from fadding and make it easier to keep clean needless to say I did not by theire product as I had showroom shine many thanks for producing such a great product.

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