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Results totally inaccurate to whats Physically available at the exchange - POOR!

To All,

The speed tester is as good as most on the web. Its also pretty close to the official BT version. However its a post code test and doesn't use your logon so its never going to be the best test. But its a good reference.

Be aware broadbandchoices website has bias suppliers claiming packages that can't be delivered.
Having tested my line I was confronted with a very limited number of supplier results considering there are 100's of suppliers within the UK.
30% of the results where technncally impossible from my local exchange. Not good.

Conclusion.................results can't be trusted 100%. Know your exchange capabilities first. Ask you current provider to test your line first before moving. Rememeber your line is,in general, the same one with next provider with obvious exceptions such as LLU suppliers & fiber. What's bad will stay bad unless you fix it. Thats when you find put who are the good providers.

From a qualified IT expert who works with a leading ADSL provider everyday of the week.

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