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More like a nightmare

The Tempur mattress is great, we got a deal on this although I now suspect that we have ended up with a "returned" product where someone didn't like the mattress after they had bought it. We were offered the same deal so I now think we have actually ended up witch a second hand mattress! We didn't make to much of an issue of this as we do like it. The real problem we have is with the bedstead we bought at the same time, it creaks and groans and the quality is very poor. When we challenged the shop staff with this complaint we were told to contact head office who basically did not want to know, unless we wanted to upgrade to "sprung slats" at extra cost. Why would we want to spend more money when the quality of the base product is so poor? Unfortunately because the Dreams customer service was so poor we have lost all faith in the company and have decided to modify the base ourselves. As for the assembly which we paid extra for, just don't bother, I can't believe that anybody with an ounce of pride in what they do would walk away from a job half done. For example, only two of the slats were screwed down and it was obvious that an electric screwdriver had been used because the screw heads were all rounded where to much torque had been used. The result was that the slats had to be cut out! Great workmanship ....... not! I know these guys must be on a bonus but come on,this is just not good enough! Definitely not "sweet dreams" for us. Would we recommend Dreams? What do you think?

27 November 2013

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Dear Mr Pipe,

The mattress you purchased was a showroom clearance model as noted on your order form which is reflected in the 40% discount that you received.

With regards to the bedstead, I am sorry that you are unhappy with the build quality and the noise from the slats. I have looked into this for you and we have had no feedback to highlight any issues with the assembly; there should be screws at the top and the foot end of the bed to secure the slats in place. In terms of the noise, it is not uncommon for wood on wood to create some noise however, our offer remains open to you to upgrade to the sprung slats should you wish.

Kind regards,


Mazuma Mobile

hassle free and you did what you said you would do when you said you would do it!

Just can't fault Mazuma, simple to use, fantastic service well organised and they keep you informed every step of the way. will definitely use them again.

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