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Nice online service; rarely competitive, awkward staff.

Now, although I would trust a console purchase from Game, and appreciate them honoring any warranties as a serious, respectable business, I seldom find them to have competitive pricing. Additionally, twice when I've been inside the store to purchase products, these have not been in stock once the transaction's being processed, disappointing me heavily whilst also wasting my time.

Their stores seem to have incompetent management, incapable of organizing their inventories, but to the contrary, online services have been adept at providing an essential of online service to bridge these from the brick counterpart: rapid, free delivery.

E Lites

Very likely safe alternative to smoking and method to quit.

I can't see these companies self-destructively /opting/ to add detrimental chemicals when it's unnecessary to the design, and I think it's unlikely for e-cigarettes to be /worse/ than the cigarettes which they are replacing. Nevertheless, beyond the actual product, I think of the company supplying these, and choosing how they are exactly, is excellent for beginners!

Simple pricing structure, tracked delivery, efficient starting kit, premade liquid units and an intuitive website. The product I've received has been successful so far, distracting me from smoking with both nicotine and an oral fixation, whilst also saving me money considerably.

Any faults? None so far.


Nice website for an upfront transactions in person.

Although, as with Ebay, it's often dependent on the users, I feel their features are sufficiently intuitive and their promotional system has reasonable cost(s). Gumtree itself has never interfered with any of my sales and I've took responsibility whenever issues have arisen.


Never failed to deliver my products efficently and delivery people are friendly.

My review is a fair counterpoint to the many negative reports from my experience. As someone who orders 10,000 products products annually, I've only ever had issues with lost parcels and and none of these were with Hermes.

Drivers have always been cooperative, friendly and efficient, never once delivering a damaged product or acting immoral in their deliveries. Considering the bargain delivery prices they normally offer from purchases, I'm certainly not disappointed in my region.

Slower than usual delivery but impressive prices;

Although I was originally reluctant as I know the reputation of CD key websites, I wasn't disappointed ultimately, with GameKeys4u having competitive prices unmatched elsewhere. Once delivery was finished, it was simple as accepting a Steam Gift - no complexities involving VPN or unusual requests (e.g. passport, additional details, accepting delays).

Green Man Gaming Ltd

Excellent Steam Deals, Awful Capsule Software Requirement for Certain Games, Can't Play Games I Bought.

Are they selling cracked games that just don't work?

Foremost, installing Hawk 2 and World in Conflict, neither could be played. World in Conflict wouldn't install completely successfully and Hawk 2 immediately redirects me to UPlayer upon launch where I can't load/play the GAME. Additionally, the installation, which is managed by their terrible software, is insanely awful, causing issues from disorganized file paths to corruption of date, which is only exacerbated with poor download speeds to rectify these issues? Worst element? You need to depend on their platform when it's THIS terrible...

Now, in my opinion, as Capsule is very unknown and not standard, there should be a visible, clear disclaimer of the need for this program to install purchases - something likely awkward as people are accustomed to other platforms - but it's unfortunately subtle at best, with people often misled from the obscurity into thinking their purchase will naturally over a conventional platform.

'Other DMR' - ambiguous to almost be deceitful as no one would volunteer for such underfunded, esoteric software - indicated 'clearly' it's their slow, cumbersome software which doesn't facilitate either playing the game easily or even installing files correctly to play them. After 6 hours, I've not successfully installed 4/5 of my products and been able to play them; isn't this failing to provide the product in an efficient, accessible manner?

You will have a lack of control over installation - causing many issues if there's an error - and a poor installation process which's susceptible to flaws that may waste further time. Additionally, the download speeds are slow - it's no wonder the software needs to be forced with rather misleading practices.

However, their Steam deals - a platform which allows one to play games easily and manages files well, contrary to Capsule in all respects, even legally in that purchases should be accessible - provide these products on a superior platform to their weak, irritating attempt to enter into the market.

A basic example of an issue with Capsule, as a reference to potential customers:

I download World in Conflict: Complete Edition after a long, painstaking wait with 1 MB per second. Expansion is installed successfully, but the base game isn't completely integrated when I'd selected for it to be so, forcing a long reinstall through Capsule - requiring extended time to unzip a second version of the game from them (doubling size of all files involved from duplicates) - which will AGAIN fail whilst I can't do anything.

Advice: If you're to release flawed software which breaks regularly and is inconvenient, create an opportunity for customers to repair/modify their software personally during download in an accessible manner instead of the whole installation being broken (as expected) without them having the means to do anything.

You will be dependent on a small business for updating a vast library, trust they have the resources to ensure product is FUNCTIONAL and also believe they're able to manage a platform successfully.

Issues so far to simplify my complaints:

1 - Install for Silent Hunter 4 doesn't add a launcher to the main program folder.
2 - World in Conflict: Complete has missing files and I can't boot it up.
3 - Beyond Good & Evil HD install is repeatedly failing.
4 - Duplicated files are not being automatically removed and are clogging my hard drive.
5 - Folders disappear and they're not organized when installed.
6 - Files are taking up x3 the typical size and I can't seem to locate where/how?

These are only so far to think and I've only managed to have one become normally functional with creating an application launcher - Silent Hunter 4. Wonder how patching will be?

18 March 2014

Reply from Green Man Gaming

Hi Thomas,

Sorry to hear you've been having trouble, please can you contact our Customer Service team using this online form -

They will then get back to you with further help, and issue you with a refund for the games you've having problems with.

Apologies again.

Kind regards,


Charged me for a set bandwidth and hadn't provided the correct router for the speeds I paid.

Their customer service refused to provide either a refund for the impossible speeds for which I've been paying or compensation in any form whilst they'd clearly committed a technically PROVABLE breach of their contract conditions. In retrospection, I should have pursued a legal case in defense of customers.

Although I am satisfied the stability of their service, I think they need to not trick customers regarding bandwidth capacity.


Delivered order on time, many which are difficult to find elsewhere.

Hugely recommend as a store to deliver obscure, exotic produce for experimentation with cooking. Many of their items are not available locally and I appreciate their service.

The Works Stores Limited

Fantastic range of items at clearance price.

Many nice books and also craft supplies - hugely appropriate for bulk orders of basic products with many offers to match these decisions.


Stylish choices, excellent delivery and interactive site.

My new favourite for clothing options as a great, secure service! Highly recommend for their fine cuts and detailed designs!


Beautiful products available at reasonable prices!

For the more elegant choice for a purchase, M&S is ideal and they're performed each order without so much as a fault - certainly exceptional when online orders are prone to many tragic but understandable errors: damaged items during shipping, automatic transaction problem, lost packages, bad delivery times, distant customer service as store is virtual.

A top-notch choice for a rational, wise spender who prizes frugality along with caution.


Many products at acceptable prices but inadequate delivery (1 star less).

Whilst I am certainly content with my purchases, I believe they should either improve their contract with a delivery company, slow if not vague, or adjust their shipping charge appropriately considering the dubious quality. A business is tied in reputation to their shipping company inextricably - a medium now from the business to the consumer, a second representation - and I have faith Tesco will change once they've learned from their a late entry into online retail.


Great deals, reliable delivery and excellent products!

The three pinnacles of an online business, in my opinion, with the exception of customer service (which I haven't had the opportunity to judge). I've had absolutely no issues with any orders and I have confidence in their QUALITY ASSURANCE on any purchase


Good delivery, excellent products!

Approve highly of their selection and pricing - both incredible. Recommend highly as they actually stock a few designer brands considerably below the RRP!


The future of the gaming industry...

Not only are their sales enticing instead of a monopoly, Steam has created a platform in the nature of Xbox Live as an overlay to their products: friend lists, instant messaging, clans, communities, modded content. Whilst this may be an irritation to certain users, I certainly enjoy it as a convenient addition - considerably surpassing older variants of a similar idea such as XFire - which isn't only smooth as in functional, it's productive to the experience.

Games are organised with your account, respectfully so without the software as intrusive copyright protection, to create a simplicity and the platform is regularly integrated into games for accessible modifications, removing the much tedious task of folder/file manipulation.

5 service. Never had a fault in performance, customer services are easy to contact if necessary and Steam is appropriate to my preference.

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Horrible. Arbitrarily removed one order if two to remove the full effect of voucher which motivated my purchase originally.

This is hugely illegal as the transaction was about the whole package, not their choose-and-pick approach, and I'm disgusted at how they changed the overall amount consequently which benefited them from the deal through manipulation of it, not my choices at their claimed AVAILABLE SALES - also the CLAIMED aggregated, finalized amount which I processed. Additionally, as I no longer desire the order, lacking both the main deal fully there along with my main purchase of the two, there's absolutely no way to cancel the order EASILY (as they changed the situation) or contact their business effectively, with all measures seemingly taken to inconvenience a customer with issues- leaving them unanswered to be defrauded of whatever issue arise from their dubious practices.

Blockbuster had me waiting 2 days to realize I won't be receiving the option due to 'stock' (why the hell could I check-out?!??!), too - disadvantaging my options elsewhere (alternatives available before today) in their insincere listings which are also exploitative of customers.

I don't know which flaw is the worst, but they certainly combine to create an abhorrent corporation which consumers should force (through their financial decisions) into administration. The flaws I've encountered so far are:

- Indifference to problems
- Avoidance of any customer interaction
- Misleading sale
- Bait & switch tactics
- Changing a transaction to then finalize it without my choice/consent
- Removing an item from my basket to steal the full application of my voucher which was both involved in the final price and motivating to my combined purchase
- Referring all issues to a detached site which solves nothing
- Ignoring all messages when I wish to cancel my purchase understandably

Thanks for ignoring my desire to cancel my order, Blockbuster, as you changed the nature of it...defrauding me to only then persist with this act apathetically as: "Hey, we do not care if we exploit you, deceive you, ignore you. What will you do, sue us?".

Update: 2 days passed. They've ignored a Facebook message and also a direct e-mail. They do not care if you have problems or have reactions to their deceitful practices... satisfied with taking money in any circumstances through whatever means whilst avoiding you afterwards very arrogantly.

Their customer service does not exist. Got a problem? Too bad, they've got your money and don't care how it was acquired. Speak with your money and bankrupt them as we should do with any immoral, exploitative corporation: DO NOT VISIT THEIR STORE OR BUY ONLINE FROM THEM!

Cash Generator

One order perfect, second dysfunctional...

[Updated to four stars from three stars as the subsequent deliveries I've had were acceptable and the one mistake at first was obviously simply a rare mistake that also had to sadly be a first impression.]

Thankfully, in their credit, they refunded me soon as possible and this should be a reassurance to anyone purchasing bargains. Your purchase will be risk, of course, and it's a matter of whether or not it's worth the low prices.

My advice is to expect disappointment emotionally as a possibility but continue shopping with them, trusting they'll correct any issues (if they do arise unfortunately as will happen with second-hand items).


A compassionate cause and an invaluable deal to gamers.

With a smart premise and how donations are handled to earn games, Humble Bundle is a great way for charities to benefit - innovation with an altruistic bend.


A user-defined experience.

As with products sometimes being luck of the draw, defects more chance instead of the seller's mistake, Ebay is best described as a hands-off bazaar composed of many disparate users: scam artists to stay-at-home moms selling bargains found, even small businesses who're looking at further outreach to augment revenue possibilities.

However, Ebay doesn't receive a five considering their extortionate approach to sellers at times - providing too much leeway for exploitation along with charging excessively on their sales. As with governments, they need to the right rules to ensure a fair, transparent marketplaces.


Substandard delivery service, outsourced customer service, adequate products. Average overall.

I have faith in their improvement - noticeable during the last few months - and I sincerely believe their online service is the very definition of average, with the exception of slow delivery with larger items.


Items have always arrived with expedient delivery and they're exactly as described.

Each item I've ordered has arrived on time, their selection of electronic entertainment is broad, they have many fantastic deals and delivery has been smooth. Altogether, they're a company on level with, albeit more or less neglected as thought to be mostly a high street chain.


Convenient, Simple Service.

Although their customer service is flawed - most notably during chargeback cases in my experiences as a merchant - and their fees are sometimes too much, I respect how they invented a new option for consumers: a secondary layer of payment for security, immediate payments through an account and a straightforward dispute system ( very controversial to both buyer/seller).

PayPal foremost needs to improve their image as a bureaucratic, callous pseudo-banking system, in my opinion, as along with many friends, there's a slight cold discomfort in using it - fear that any issues arising would be disregarded to their many rules to distance accountability.


The epitome of online shopping: flawless customer service, excellent site.

From price matching to refunds on price changes, Amazon truly takes a conscious effort to offer competitive rates as a pride. The company values highly both their customer's choice - providing many relevant products via similar listings in an unbiased fashion - and their wallet, seldom failing to sell items disproportionately above the expected retail prices.

Combined with the flexibility of the user's marketplace, subscription options such as Amazon Prime for one-day deliveries and their accessible, friendly customer services - they're the one online business as a model to all, understandably dominating the market through an exceptional respect of it.


Adequate delivery, broad selection of cheap but excellent clothing and intuitive website.

Now, as someone who is into both Hugo Boss and Lacoste, Matalan clothing is a rather 'cheap' choice, but I think of their styling/fabrics/cuts as a bargain considering the prices - definitely suitable for impulsive, care-free purchases as any shopaholic adores. Checkout is simple, as is their filtering of items, and I never once had an issue with either delivery (despite length at times) or browsing their website.

I have not had any experience with their customer service so far to comment on this critical department, yet I believe it's positive that I haven't as it means they're avoided any issues to require it.


Once had an issue, but in later dealings, customer service was fantastic.

Recommend foremost for their accessible, competent customer service who're willing to assist in an informative, friendly way. The consumer may be fully secure in knowledge any issues emerging will be addressed satisfactorily, avoiding doubt among customers and instilling confidence with purchases.

However, as I once purchased a poster and the resolution was not perfect as I had expected, which could have been better expressed in the details, I will detract a single rating. Additionally, a slight nitpick of mine: they should list any text at the bottom of posters individually - perhaps too much of a demand considering the manpower required to do so.

Overall, comprehensive selection of posters, reasonable delivery service and competent customer service (for the worst of times).

Many orders, absolutely no serious issues.

Competitive pricing, responsive customer services in the event of any issues and a fantastic stock of products.


Smooth Delivery!

DPD delivered my item very well and I was impressed! I've ordered 1000+ items online and none have been so precise (on time) and detailed (updates) as with DPD. As people mostly complain over rare accidents instead of praising a nice standard overall, I think this review is much deserved.

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21 June 2013

Reply from DPD UK

Hi Thomas,

That's wonderful to hear, glad that you are a fan of our service!

If you ever need any assistance you can contact us at

Kind Regards,



Excellent Business!

I ordered a premade gaming PC and I can't say the prices are bad considering the effort/delicacy involved with building one. Happy with my purchase completely and their machine thus far has been reliable. As I've been pleased with their level of service (e.g. hardware, warranty conditions, customer service) , someone who is very selective with which businesses he /chooses/, I can only recommend the business to other people.

Although the delivery system is vague, customer service were fine with answering how progress is currently estimated, which surpasses automated updating, in my opinion. My delivery was relatively slow, around 2 weeks, but I think it's understandably caused by two salient facts: they build computers from scratch and genuinely test them comprehensively: both preferable above an immediate delivery.

If I ever need another computer in the future, or a friend needs one which is both reasonably priced whilst efficient, I'll definitely say Chillblast since experiencing their professionalism.

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