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Ridiculously bad service, so disorganised. Rude staff!

Still waiting to find out from Knowhow about where my dishwasher is. I got a text on Sunday night saying it would be delivered Thursday 10th Jan so I booked the day off work to wait in for it. At 6.10pm, I got a phone call and was hung up on. When I rang back, it transpired it was a delivery driver for my dishwasher, saying he couldn't deliver the dishwasher as he'd already been working for 12 hours and that someone would ring me this morning to say when it would be delivered today. I rang Knowhow customer services and was put on hold while they contacted the depot. Being charged for the call on my mobile, I hung up and phoned back, and requested a call back. This was at 10.45. I'm still waiting for my call back. WHERE IS MY DISHWASHER!?? Bearing in mind I've just moved into a new home and need all my white goods, it's fair to say you've now lost out on a LOT of business, you scoundrels!!!

*edited to add* I'm on hold with the complaints team who are trying to find out why the dishwasher wasn't delivered - I ALREADY TOLD YOU IT WAS BECAUSE THE DRIVER HAD BEEN WORKING 12 HOURS AND HAD TO STOP! He just didn't listen to me at all and spent all his time trying to blame the driver or bad traffic. It's not his fault all four advisors I've spoken to have been rude and incompetent!

Also, your hold music is like an horrendous Casio keyboard demo from 1984.

*further edit* - The guy at the complaints team has not said sorry yet, and will not let me log a complaint without a receipt number - my mother in law who lives 100 miles away (and also has a job and a life!!!) bought us the item as a housewarming present so was not available to leave work, go to her house and ring me back with the receipt number (imagine that!!!)

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