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They Talk Talk but don't listen listen, so we will be saying bye bye...

Basically we just needed a replacement powerline adapter (PA) for our Youview box in order to get online (for catchup TV etc.). to confirm it wasn't working, I tested the PA in other plug sockets and replaced the working one, connected to the wireless router, with the broken one. Quite simply the router didn't work becuase the PA was broken.

Therefore by logical deduction the PA simply needed to be replaced, and as we are still in warranty period we thought it was a simple case of tt sending out a replacement.

This is where it got ridiculous.

After 50 minutes of speaking with a tt customer service rep, the guy was clearly applying no common sense or any understanding of the tt products (lack of training?).

He was clearly just running through the options on his screen (the same ones the customer goes through on the tt website it seems), and just couldn't understand how a PA could be broken and therefore be the problem, never mind how to resolve the problem.

He tried to sell us a boost (what for?), and did eventually try to direct us to tt's online shop to buy new PAs for £35 - 'are you joking!? We're under warranty!' but still the same old brick wall response...

Eventually he told us we needed to speak with another department...he only just worked this out after 50 minutes!?

How have we resolved the issue? By purchasing PAs for £15, replacing the tt ones and now being able to use the Youview box online. SIMPLE.

When we complained to tt afterwards, they simply sent out an e-mail response apologising profusely but again running through the instructions like an automated monkey. Not taking into account our phone bill or cost for purchasing PAs to continue to use the service we're paying tt to provide.

This is a problem that was VERY easy to solve, and I really hope Dido Harding (tt CEO, is wise enough to scan customer complaints and learn from them one know, like good companies do.

We will be leaving tt at the first opportunity, but after reading other posts on here I'm not confident that tt will be competent enough to do that either.

Here are some simple stats from research that someone at tt with half a brain may wish to consider:

- On average, loyal customers are worth up to 10x the value of their first purchase
- It takes 12 positive experiences to make up for one unresolved negative experience
- It is 6-7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep a current one

I could go on, but I shouldn't have had to do this in the first place...

Get it sorted.


Easy, fast and secure

Great site, and easy to upload images, adjust them to size and have them ordered with quick and secure delivery - great service and highly recommended!

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