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With eyes folded blind!!

Inwas searching for a good website that could unlock iPhones, but I know that there are sites that are just scams sites, they take your money and then what? I don't want to be another dumb dude that gets scam, searching and searching, reading a lot and I found this site MYIMEIUNLOCK, like always I had my doubts, but after a dumb mistake, I requested 2 unlocks, on one of the orders I placed the wrong IMEI number and they send me and email letting me know about my mistake which I already noticed and I was trying to undo my mistake but the MyIMEIUnlock send an email and requesting me to change or send the right imei number, which I did, an guess what?! They changed it and I got my iPhones unlock! II'm over the seas all over in south america in Peru, so for a client far away only I could say is thank you and if anyone don't trust any other sites, they have the right to doubt but don't doubt about MyIMEIUnlock, THEY ARE FOR REAL, I'll use this service again, WITH MY EYES BLIND FOLDED!!!!

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Cesar Pineda Fuertes
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