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Waste of 3 hours and £30 petrol

This was the first time I managed to get any tickets from the applause store and I managed to get 5 tickets to Tom Daley's show Splash in Luton. We left Hampshire at around 4 pm which would give us plenty of time to get there and still be half an hour for the show, I know that the small print of the ticket says you are not guaranteed entry but It never said that you had to be there 4 hours in advance - we do have other things to do with our lives! We got to Luton and the car park attendant stopped us and asked if we were friends and family, we said no so he apologised and said it was completely full/over capacity - he also said he did not agree with the system! The part that annoys me is that they have issued tickets so surely they must know how many people will turn up! How can the venue be full 4 hours before the show if this is the case?!

Don't bother wasting your time unless you have a whole day to waste! I will be complaining to applause store directly!

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