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Courier and customer service non-existent!

On Tuesday 8th January I used Music Magpie's mobile app to scan a load of DVDs and then used the site to add some clothing items to complete the order. I was really impressed with the convenience of the process. As I was completing the order, I was given the option of a free courier service as I had over 50 items in my order. This was also convenient for me as carrying the packed items to a Post Office would have been difficult. So I selected today (Saturday 12th) for the items to be collected.

I received my welcome pack soon after placing my order and it had instructions on how to pack my items. The email said as long as I pack the items as instructed, my items would be collected by the courier. The instructions said I could pack everything in one box and I was sent one label in the email. I couldn't find a box big enough for all the items so packed everything into 2 boxes. I was worried that the courier would refuse the collection if they were only expecting one box, as per Music Magpie's instructions. So I emailed Music Magpie on the Wednesday 9th asking if it would be ok for my items to be in 2 boxes as I could not find one box big enough. By Friday I hadn't received a reply so I sent my email again. Later in the day I received an automated email saying my items would be collected the next day ("Saturday 12nd" - their spelling). I sent my email again straight after seeing this automated message.

Well today was the day the items should have been collected. Between 8am and 8pm I was told. I have stayed in all day and my items have not been collected. I have not received any notice that a collection was attempted and for most of the day my house lights have been on so even if a courier did come, they would have clearly seen that someone was in.

I find it inexcusable that Music Magpie have failed to reply to my email on any one of the three occasions I sent it (my junk box has been checked and no reply in there either). I find it more so frustrating as I did receive an automated email from them confirming the courier booking and providing an email address to contact if I have a query - the same address I sent my three emails to -

I would also like to point out that Music Magpie have failed to reply to my emails sent directly to them over the last 4 days but managed to take the time to reply 2 days ago to someone's 1 star review below.

If I were to score Music Magpie purely on the process of placing an order, it would be 5 stars but what is the point of all that time I spent inputting over 50 items when the items aren't even collected when specified and emails sent to the enquiries department are ignored?! Such a shame.

17 January 2013

Reply from musicMagpie

Hi Casey - please accept our apology on behalf of the courier for not turning up. We have now emailed you regarding this matter. Many thanks, mM

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