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helpful staff, great service and speedy delivery.

We phoned for advice on wetsuit sizes for children, staff very helpful, advice spot on. Delivery as promised and great products. Would highly recommend and have done so.

Exante Diet

Good product, good results, good customer service - beware pasta cooking instructions!

My husband and I are using this diet to shift weight that has gradually crept on over the past year, so far so good.
The shakes are good, especially with ice, some of the soups are an acquired taste but on the whole ok, so thought we would try the new Pasta Carbonara - at first I thought I had mis-read the cooking instructions as the pasta remained uncooked and the taste was overwhelmingly strong - yuk! I was so disappointed as I was hoping it would give us a bit of variety from the liquid only options. I tried another and read the instructions carefully, but to no avail, same uncooked pasta and horrid taste, followed by tummy cramps!
I emailed the company and asked if I could send my carbonara back for a refund, they very kindly agreed and I packaged it up, then I discovered the reviews and read that some people had cooked their pasta for longer and it seemed much better. Curiosity got the better of me and I unpacked the parcel and added 150-180ml of water and simmered on the hob for 5 mins until the pasta had cooked - bingo! It tastes much better and if you put it in a little bowl you can convince yourself that you have eaten much more than you have - I actually find it more filling than the other options now.
Even my "I'll never touch that with a barge pole" husband can be found eating it too.
Don't get me wrong, it is no spag bol or carbonara for that matter!, but as a food replacement it is not bad at all!
Look forward to seeing the results of our efforts in the coming weeks.

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